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Sometime ago I wrote the article “Grab an image editing software” explaining that image editing tools are essential for bloggers and webmasters. Even if you are not a professional web designer you will certainly need to apply some visual effects, resize images and the like.

The best solution is to install an advanced software like Adobe’s Photoshop or an open source alternative like GIMP. What if you are traveling or if somehow you are not able to access your computer? On those occasions you can use free online image editors, they are no substitutes for Photoshop but they can certainly get some work done.

The Extreme Tech website published an extensive article covering 5 free online photo editors, here is a review of each of them:

  • Fauxto: apparently the most advanced editor online. It includes layer functionality and works with most image formats.
  • Picnik: very nice user interface, but it does not offer advanced features. A good solution if you are looking for simple editing tasks like rotating images or fixing snapshots.
  • Picture2Life: a good photo editing tool which integrates special effects and enables the user to store the images online. The major drawback is the complex interface.
  • Pixenate: no sign-up required and it includes some drag and drop functionality. The simple interface makes this online tool perfect for small image adjustments.
  • Snipshot: very clean photo editor. It does not include advanced effects but you can work on pictures straight from the web browser and it outputs images on 6 formats, including .PSD.

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9 Responses to “Free Online Photo Editors”

  • Umesh

    I found GIMP as a best and free alternative of Adobe photoshop. Great tool.

  • Bang Kritikus

    I more enjoy using offline photo editor

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  • Anthony

    Here is another free online image editor. Unlike most of them, the images are not uploaded to a server. It’s also more oriented to treat several images at once than one by one.
    Run online at

  • Jason

    Here’s a new one, it can remove red eye on most pictures. ( Free Online Photo Editor )

  • Daniel

    Skarld, you just did! That is the beauty of blogs, readers are free to complement the posts and add to the discussion. I will check that online editor. Thanks.

  • skarld


  • Daniel

    Brian, thanks for sharing, I have used a couple of tools from Dynamic Drive in the past and they are really useful, I should cover the whole site in the near future.

  • Brian

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