Fat Woman Earns 6 Figures Eating in Front of Webcam


If you have been involved with websites or Internet marketing for a while you probably already heard that membership sites represent one of the best business models online, right? If anything I guess the story I am sharing today will confirm this….

Donna Simpson currently weights 320 kilos, and as one would expect, she’s on a diet. As one would never expect, though, she’s on a diet to gain weight. That’s right. Her goal is to become the heaviest person on earth at 460 kilos (1012 pounds!). Below is a picture of her at the current weight:


Having such an eccentric goal sure must raise the curiosity of other people, right? The woman was quite clever to figure that out, and she created a membership site (OfficialDonnaSimpson.com) where people pay a monthly fee to watch videos and view pictures of she eating, going to the supermarket and doing other daily chores.

According to the Daily Mail she has almost 500 subscribers and makes around $8500 per month, so $100,000 per year. Not bad huh? Now that she is being featured all over the place I am sure her numbers will sky rocket as well.

The story is pretty weird, but there are some interesting points that come to my mind:

  • One more time we see the potential of the Internet, both in terms of generating money and spreading a story/idea.
  • You don’t need to have a huge website/niche to make a decent living online, you just need to find a clever angle.
  • Membership sites remain one of the best business models online.
  • Don’t rule out people’s willingness to pay for weird/exotic/extravagant things…

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30 Responses to “Fat Woman Earns 6 Figures Eating in Front of Webcam”

  • Tom

    I think there is nothing wrong with this so long as she is supporting herself. My wife has a similar website and while she isn’t trying to reach a 1000lbs she has gained over 200lbs since she started two years ago. She is currently off line right now as she is pregnant and we are expecting our third child next month and we are hoping it will gain her the the title of the heaviest woman to give birth.

    Feederism and gaining is becomming more acceptable in our society because so many people today are obese. Those who find this so shocking really need to get with the times. Fat people are hear to stay and if current trends continue it has been predicted that by the end of the next decade, almost everyone in the US will be overweight. Once that happens I think you will see more people trying to achieve weight records as a matter of course.

  • Alan Mater @ Working From Home

    I must say, her strategy is rather sick in the head, but at least she’s capitalizing on something she enjoys doing. It’s no surprise people are willing to spend money watching this. It’s just a shame she isn’t trying to lose that weight, rather than gain more.

  • googler

    While most people would be disgusted with this, I think it is a very clever idea to generate an income. Oftentimes fat people spend all their money and lifetime to get in shape but majority fails. This woman used her brains to not only enjoy herself munching all these good food, she also earns from it. We should not judge her right away. Behind a clever idea is a master plan! I would not be surprise if after reaching the 1012 pounds, she will have another program entitled “How to get fit if you are over 1 thousand pounds?”.

  • Toby

    The woman should be shot… no doubt when the serious health problems come she’ll be wanting help of some sort – uh, NO… I wish bullets to the head were a viable form of natural selection! Unbelievable… more so, the sad gits paying to watch her – wtf are they doing with their sad, pathetic lives to warrant paying to watch a fat bird get fatter…

  • Alojamiento

    Wow..amazing. It proves t basically anything can be used to make money out of it. You just have to be clever.

  • steven

    Fair play to here for making money from it but she is really putting her health at risk and probably won’t live very long to enjoy that money.

  • Firman

    Very interesting, but hopefully she will use that huge amount of money to get better shape

  • Nick

    I actually feel sorry for her…she can’t be in full mental health. She’s literally killing herself to get a bit of fame and money. What is she going to do when it’s all over? If she plans on losing it through surgery, she’ll end up paying a huge amount anyway. Sad, sad sad….

  • Kim Bourget

    Like someone i know said, ‘I’d rather pay her to get healthy’ than see her eat herself to death. People willing her on to be like this are bullies in my eyes! They are the ‘sick ones’. She probably has zero self esteem/self worth and people profit from this? C’mon now!!!

  • Dan

    People pay for those kind of things. She is doing it for money, probably she doesn’t care about her health. Personally, I will not pay money to see such a thing, I am even not curious but I am sure that are millions who care out there. Dan – from learngraphicwebdesign.com

  • Atish

    Oh my God! How can she walk? Amazing personality.

  • Cleber Lusa

    First of all, what she is doing is simply ridiculous, as said she’s slowing killing herself for money.

    But it’s really interesting how a clever idea can generate money on internet.

  • Peter Almeida

    Although I don’t like what she is doing I do think it is quite interesting that she gets members. I would love to know her traffic numbers and the average life cycle of each member.

  • Amrish SIngh

    Making online money is some time very hard and some time so easy . Just you all need a unique idea that is not any one have . She is using that idea to make money for her

  • Tom

    I think it’s cool if that’s what she wants to do. Actually I wish I had tought of it before I had my wife gain so much weight. She’s heavier than the woman in the article and a lot better looking to boot.

  • Rebecca

    This is one heck of a way to earn $100,000/year. I wonder what’s really making her do this. Low self-esteem? Loneliness? What does the ‘weight’ represent?

    Anyway, the takeaway from this post is to find a clever angle for your blog and run with it.

  • Harrison Li

    lmfao, wonder who is spending those money… what a lame idea. Plus that woman is probably going to die for eating too much anyway before she reaches her goal, just my guess.

  • jorge jacobo

    I am going to work on mine where I will be the ugliest of all time.

  • Floricel @ Online Business Design Blog

    Oh my! I absolutely didn’t see that coming.

    Anyway, the last main points you presented is somehow true. I mean, it has some hidden truth behind it. It’s pretty much hard to believe but then it’s still an undeniable fact that happens as well.

    This also led me to a question:
    Is this how she shows some love for herself? Or does she hate herself that much?

    In the end, I still believe in “health is wealth”. So overall, I believe this was bad choice for her to make. Really sad. 🙁

  • Tristan

    So she gets paid $100,000 a year to slowly kill herself? Sounds about right…

  • Sabrina

    I guess there really is a niche for everyone.

  • Graham Lutz

    This disgusts me.

  • Sonya

    That $100K a year won’t matter because she is killing herself. I am guessing she is not even mobile and has to use a wheel chair. I think this is very upsetting. She is eating to kill herself – Stupid!!!!

  • Rob McGuire

    This shouldn’t be too surprising I guess. There’s a market for just about anything, no matter how odd it may seem

  • David L Rattigan

    “Not bad” and “clever” are not descriptions that come to mind. “Weird, “exotic” and “extravagant” aren’t near the top of the list either. “Stupid,” “revolting,” “suicidal” and “batshit insane” would cut it.

  • Yves

    the record states: haviest woman to give birth …

  • Rob @ BROcrastinator

    I’ll take my health and well being over $8,000 a month any day of the week..

  • Jenna

    This article really blows my mind – I mean, technology is such a great thing, but it contributes to things like this. It really isn’t different than the “fat” woman at the circus, I know. But it is so unfortunate that this woman is doing this to herself. Not unfortunate. Stupid would be a better word. But I understand the point of your article, that people will pay for just about anything. Are we in a recession? I thought we were, yet people will spend money every month just to watch a woman get fat. Sickens me.

  • Alex Shalman

    This is really pretty sad. Of course, I had to click on the link to her website (I mean, how can you resist, right?), and all I have to say is one word – squashing. That is all.

  • Ricki

    Great that she makes that much money doing what she does. Too bad she’s going to drop dead long before she gets to enjoy any of it.

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