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The Blog Action Day has finally arrived, and it looks like it will be the first of many, given the buzz it managed to generate. Today we’ll have almost 15,000 bloggers writing about the same topic: the environment. If that was not enough the project was also backed by mainstream companies and organizations like Google and the United Nations.

We are also going to talk about the environment today, but more specifically about how you can make your blogging activities more environment friendly! Below you’ll find 5 tips for that purpose, check it out:

1. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

By now I have probably wasted thousands of watts lightening my room while I wasn’t there. I am getting better though, especially after having my girlfriend yelling at me for a couple of months. If you work on a home office, this habit is not only bad for the environment, but also for your pocket.

2. Turn off the computer when possible

Don’t get me wrong, there is no need to turn the computer off every time you go to the bathroom. If you know that you will be away for four hours or more, however, turning it off could result in significant savings over the long run.

3. Print only when necessary

Sure, reading on paper might be more comfortable, but you should avoid printing those two-lines emails every single time. Read it on the screen and print only necessary documents. Remember also to use both sides of the sheet.

4. Use fluorescent lamps

Incandescent light bulbs use five times more energy than fluorescent ones and last ten times less. The fluorescent lamps cost more on the stores, but within one you should have already recovered the investment.

5. Use “Energy Star” electronic gadgets

Energy Star is a governmental program started by the United States to promote consumer products that use energy efficiently. Check for computers, peripherals and electronic gadgets that already come with this certification.


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About the author 


Daniel Scocco is a programmer and entrepreneur located in São Paulo, Brazil. His first company, Online Profits, builds and manages websites in different niches. His second company, Kubic, specializes in developing mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Thanks for participating in Blog Action Day!

    For anyone interested in BAD, we are offering SURPRISE SEEDS! Head over to hellyeahdude.com to contribute more to Blog Action Day (BAD)


  2. Strange article definitely something i should really consider, i do feel that being environmentally friendly is a big issue each of us needs to undertake however i can not fight strongly for a cause in which i do not currently live with. I tend to turn my computer on in the morning and its on all day, i do however turn lights of when i can.

  3. Excellent tips! I have also gathered a list of tips to make your everyday greener! It includes a few things that was not in the lists I’ve seen here. Have a look if you’re interested!

  4. One thing you should never do is turn off your lights all the time. Florescent (and even incandescent) bulbs work much better when left on and they last much longer (I’d say turn them off if you walk out for more than 20 mins). It’s a bit like with computers. People say to put them in sleep mode after a few minutes but that will kill your hard drive years sooner than it normally should have.

    Just a thought to keep in mind. There’s a fine line between directly saving energy and indirectly wasting it.

  5. Another way for bloggers do to their part in saving our earth is to switch to an environmental friendly web host.

    You can find an up-to-date list over green web hosts at

  6. And don’t forget to turn your OFFICE lights off as well! I see so many people leave their office lights on overnight… one flip of the switch can help so much!

  7. Don’t just turn off the computer, switch off the surge protector (plug strip, power center, whatever you want to call it!) that the computer, monitor and all your other office electronics are attached to. Even when off, your computer and monitor are still drawing electricity. Turning off the source of that electricity or just unplugging stuff, saves even more power.


  8. Great ideas – especially the one about turning off the computer! None of us do that.

    A friend sent me this Youtube short and terrifying video over the weekend. I put it on my site today. The only thing I put on as it says it all!

  9. Thanks for participating in Blog Action Day!

    For anyone interested in BAD, we are offering SURPRISE SEEDS! Head over to hellyeahdude.com to contribute more to Blog Action Day (BAD)

    Great Job!

  10. Sam, there are still many people who believe that turning off & on a computer is somehow bad for the hard drive. Of course, that makes no sense.

    Good tips, Daniel. I covered some of the same and others here:

  11. I’m still shocked about point 2, well, mainly how many people who DON’T turn the computer off when they leave work.
    I mean, whats the point!!! Oh, sure they avoid the time it takes to start it in the morning…
    I don’t know how often I see people on ICQ that are marked as ‘away’ or ‘n/a’ and I just know they are home and have left their PC on.
    Do they also leave things on at home when they go to work, such as radio, tv, lights…
    I just don’t get it 🙂

  12. James, indeed!

    People have a hard time changing, that is the big deal. There is a nice book by Alan Deutschman titled “Change or Die!,” check it out if you can.

  13. Hi, those tips are the same one would use to save money, so being environment friendly isn’t that hard to teach to people. But lazyness is often stronger than the desire to save money.

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