8 Fast Ways to Generate Great Content for your Company Blog


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Content creation can be a timely process especially when you add on the stress of delivering fresh content to your business blog on consistent basis. Many business owners will jump right into writing content for their blog but soon feel the burn from the time they must invest nearly each day to develop something new for their community. This post will share eight different ways you can generate great content for your business within a very limited time-frame.

Method 1: Record a Video and Transcribe It

Consider recording a video of yourself if writing isn’t your strong point. Once you have a video recorded you can transcribe the audio into a written post. Additionally, you can then post the video online to have another medium to engage your community!

Method 2: Use Voice Capture Software

There are many different voice capture software tools on the market today that will record your voice and type for you as you talk. You’re most likely more comfortable with speaking; use this to your advantage by combining your voice with software to write the posts for you!

Method 3: Compile a Roundup of Your Favorite Posts

Collect your favorite posts within your niche and round them up into their own post. Write about why you like each to add to the overall value of the post. Having posts from your competition doesn’t drive people away; it brings people to you because you’re the one willing to share valuable information.

Method 4: Flip Common Questions into Blog Content

Turn the most common questions you receive at your business into posts of their own. Instead of spending hours trying to think of a great topic just tap into your tech support logs or live person data to see which questions you can flip into content — quick and easy!

Method 5: Purchase and Build upon Freelance Articles

Consider spending money on your content if you’re strapped for time. You will still find quality content from freelance writers on the web if you take the time. The money you spend on articles could free up your time to work on the larger part of your business and avoid “wasting” your precious day toward solely creating content for the blog.

Method 6: Generate a Helpful List on a Particular Subject

Compile a list of the best posts, quotes, videos, audio and more about a particular subject within your niche market. Try your best to create an “essential” list post that people will be likely to share with others since it’s deemed so valuable (in time and resources for the readers).

Method 7: Interview an A-Player in your Market

Find people that are leaving an impact within your niche and ask for an interview; record your talk with this person and share it on your company blog. Not only will you deliver relevant content to your community but you’ll be exposed to the interviewee’s community at the same time!

Method 8: Let your Employees Write Content

Tap into your employees for content creation; their daily interaction with your customers have created a treasure trove of information that could easily be turned into new content for your company blog. Edit each post if need be but otherwise let your employees tell the real tale of what goes on in your niche, business and community as a whole — keep it human.


Although you may feel rushed to create content and have a lingering feeling that what you create may not work well — remember that it’s often better to stay consistent rather than miss days (or weeks) on your blog which eventually lead to people dropping out and never coming back. You can still create great content in a timely manner; this post shared eight that you can start with when you’re strapped for time.

About the Author: Murray Lunn has recently launch his new venture, PLRArticlesNow.com, which provides private label rights content to busy website owners that may have difficult with content creation for their online projects.

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6 Responses to “8 Fast Ways to Generate Great Content for your Company Blog”

  • doug_eike

    Constantly coming up with new, high-quality content is extremely difficult, because we have other things to do as well. Leveraging time by using information provided by others is a good idea, but pieces written by employees need a lot of editing, often so much that writing the piece yourself would take less time. The content-creation problem is central to a blogger’s struggle to advance. Thanks for the tips!

  • Ranjith (SR) | A light hearted talk

    The voice capture idea is good. It is helpful not only for big companies but also for those who blog regularly and more than once a day.

    But the problem lies that most of these devices are available only for the US accent. Hard to find one supporting Indian accent.

    I hate typing a lot and especially correcting the typographical errors.


  • Web Marketing Tips

    Daniel … please upgrade your blog to mobile friendly. Your mobile version is really not eye friendly.

    Have a look at the John Chow blog on mobile and his blog is simply awesome and we can read easily and smoothly.

    Think about it my friend.

  • Justin | Mazzastick

    I like the idea of flipping questions into content. Happens all of the time for me.

  • Wasim Ismail

    Nice list of ideas, business can use to come up with some new content or the blog, which ever tip they we use, the key is to make sure its unique, relevant and of value, try come up with something new that will benefit the website audiences, and as you mentioned consistency plays a big part.

    • Web Marketing Tips

      Yes Wasim …

      And I love the idea which mentioned in point no 8 – Let your Employees Write Content.

      Through this system you can start some kind of incentive to your clients as well and as a result you will be able to get awesome articles with your employee feeling.

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