Does Your Homepage Do Its Job?


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Homepage to your website is like the window of your shop. It needs to be well designed and offer good quality information, because only that way you will be able to turn thousands of window shoppers into regular visitors or even customers, and to decrease the bounce rate of your website or blog. For the homepage to be good it should have these characteristics:

Short and Effective Presentation of the Author or the Company

To be honest, most of the bloggers that read these articles are not Paulo Coello, and the small business owners don’t have products like Coca Cola or Nike Air Max in their range. A homepage should clearly describe the website or blog and give relevant information to the reader on what kind of content could be found on the website in question.

This can be done effectively with a one sentence tagline placed at the bottom of the page. This should summarize the blog content or company’s business in one or two sentences.

Easy Navigation

This should be the top priority for the website administrator. A homepage is the starting page from which viewers go to the part of the website or blog that interest the most. Good navigation should be the main characteristic of a well-designed homepage. It should have a well designed menu, several recent posts can also be very helpful, as well the search box. For the blogs category listings, monthly archives and tag clouds can also help the viewer to find the blog post they are interested in.


From 21st April, a Google Search algorithm for mobile devices is going to have an update, nicknamed “Mobilegeddon”. From that date on, mobile websites and the ones that have a responsive design are going to receive better ranking for mobile searches. Since around 30% of overall searches come from mobile devices, this update is going to have a great effect on search rankings. That’s why the configuring responsive homepage is a definite must.

Links to Social Media Profiles and Pages

Good homepage should contain links to social media pages and profiles because good social media strategy is one of the best ways to attract new visitors. These links should be placed in the form of graphic images, using social media network logos. These logos are recognizable to most of the visitors and they automatically draw attention. They are important because turning organic visitor into a social media follower will make him/her come back to your website, whenever something interesting pops out on his/her timeline.

Homepage Should Be Well-Designed

Web design is still very important, no matter webmasters are able to choose between hundreds of free WordPress themes. This innovation even made this area much more competitive. It is advisable to hire a professional web designer, and if you decide to choose some of the free or paid WordPress themes by yourself, always choose the one that is pre-adapted to your website’s niche.

Well-designed homepage is easier to navigate, it comes with enjoyable reading patterns and its colors are adapted to go well with the company logo and banners.

It Shouldn’t Be Crowded With Ads and Commercial Offers

Since the homepage is usually the most visited pages on every website, webmasters often place tens of ads on it and draw away thousands of viewers. People don’t like too commercialized content and especially popping ads that can be very annoying. Some WordPress plugins for displaying Google AdSense place an ad from each blog post on homepage timeline, this option should be turned off, because it doesn’t bring any new clicks and it makes your blog less transparent.

Pop-up ads on homepage are definitely a bad idea, since if the first impression of your page is going to be a commercial offer it will have a disastrous effect on the number of visitors and you can even get penalized by Google’s Page Layout Algorithm.

Easy to Load

Webmasters often decide to make their homepage in some complicated flash format. This is wrong because homepage should load easily, even for the people who don’t have high speed internet. It is easy to check the loading speed of your website with some of the online tests. To make your website and homepage lead faster, you can cache web pages, minimize HTTP requests, put script references at the bottom and optimize your content or images.

Neil Adams is an Australia based entrepreneur and aspiring writer who’s been running his own online business for four years now. His interests are in the fields of marketing, startup culture, business psychology and self improvement. When not in his home office he loves adventuring around Australia and beyond.

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11 Responses to “Does Your Homepage Do Its Job?”

  • Curtis Boyd

    Landing Pages/Homepages always need to be made industry specific. Converting your advertising into a call or filled form is an art, a science, and a constantly evolving dynamic that depends on industry, and demographic. Think of it like fish in the ocean!

  • Sherin D

    Though I started blogging many years ago, I have started learning blogging tips just recently only. Thanks for sharing.

  • Elise

    Having a good homepage has a huge impact on bounce rates. Just having a professional looking website makes your website more credible and will likely keep people coming back.

  • Best Pakistani Blog

    I was reading the news and I saw this really interesting topic

  • Ardiansyah Agung Pribawa

    Our Homepage should be clearly inform our products and services.

  • Today Streams

    Well, i think my homepage is doing its job perfectly. I did complete all the headings you mentioned in this articles. Thank you!

  • Johny

    This is a very nice and all information are very useful .This blog it is very helpful me .The Homepage of a website is its front door. What makes a good front door .it is very important Your homepage needs to give them an impression of what you’re all about the instant it appears.

  • zahid

    Homepage is much important page and it is actually the face of your business or website. So a person must give some special attention on its homepage to get better results.

  • stewmack

    Exellent article, i sometime use different templates for wordpress and joomla but i think it looks great, but other people dont, Its all about preference

  • Beakon

    Interesting, do you advice against all popups in the homepage, or just ads? Because I am reading that popups although annoying, they are the most effective way to get subscribers!

  • Swapnil

    Thanks for good descriptive post as usual. Newbie like me never focus on homepage design and module. When I started, I just put the categories and put ads all over, and then I thought to remove ads and make all the necessary things put there, And that really worked and bounce rate improved.
    Now I am only using two ads on page and keeping all the links together to navigate whole blog easily.

    Thank you.

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