Do You Say “Thank You” Enough?


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Before you ask me no, this is not a post about being polite or having manners (though that doesn’t hurt…). The point I want to make is that saying “thank you” can also take you farther with your business relationships.

A couple of months ago a reader of the blog emailed me saying he was having trouble to get started with his online store. He didn’t know what kind of software to use, where to invest money, how to promote the store and so on.

I had some time available, so I decided to help. I wrote a relatively long email (300 words or so, which is pretty long to my standards), making recommendations for the best software and tools, explaining the best way to setup the website, the strategies to promote it and so on.

I wasn’t expecting anything in return from the other person, but after a week or so he hadn’t replied even to say “thank you”, and that pissed me off a bit.

Obviously I still wanted the guy to succeed with his online store, but if a couple of months down the road he emailed me again asking for help with something else I would probably just ignore him.

In other words, a single “thank you”, either personally or via email, can go a long way to strengthen your relationships and to get people willing to help you out when you need it.

Bottom line: if someone helped you, be it a big help or a small one, make sure to thank the person explicitly.

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26 Responses to “Do You Say “Thank You” Enough?”

  • gareth

    I agree Daniel and thank you for an excellent website
    I have found the articles and infromation on here very useful. I have had my blog for nearly a year but I have’nt used it properly , in fact it is only in the last few months since I opened the online side of my business that I have paid attention to blogging.
    I have been reading quite a few different blogs and it is interesting to see the different views and perspectives people have.
    thank you once again for the excellent website.

  • Andre Buxey

    I dont say it nearly enough but im building a thank you list at the moment and will keep it updated. Always nice to find good people out there!

  • Vinz

    So true ! I experience it every day. A “thank you” is the first step for a good relationship.

  • christylynnwilson

    I had a very similar situation, myself. During a very busy working weekend, a fellow writer asked for some help with a couple of our assignments. I took about 30-40 minutes of my own time, did a ton of research for her and emailed it to her. I even asked her at the end of the email if it was helpful to her. Nothing. Nada. I’m with you – I completely let it go, but it’ll be the last time she gets any help from me! Would a “Thanks!” been so very much to ask?

  • Rahul Kuntala


    Sometime it happens buddy! Actually we shouldn’t expect anything in return when we do some favor…

    But it pisses off anyone when they don’t even thank us. Great lesson!

  • Ben Troy

    We can thank you by clicking the donate buttom and buy a cup of coffe for the blog owner

  • Ferb

    I’m sure “Thank you” is a big word. My Facebook fans page recently being very active on my page; likes, comments… and of course, I’m pretty happy with that so I post back comments on posts my fans like, saying “Thank you everyone :)” but I’m not sure if that is enough for my fans and hopefully it’s enough.

  • Ty

    I agree, a thank you is so simple and yet not expressed with the frequency or at the appropriate time. Kindness, politeness, consideration- good ole’ fashion manners are a dying sentiment. To know that you stepped up and responded to a favor from a stranger, taking the opportunity to be a beacon of light was an altruistic act. After all that’s why we’re on LinkedIn – networking (sharing/giving). Thanks for giving your time that person.

  • sabbir hossain

    Hi Daniel, its really shocking that you didnt got a simple thank you after helping him a lot. But i liked your attitude very much. Thank you for the post.

  • Mikka

    A simple thank you is so easy and cost you nothing!
    I try to always say thank you even for very little things…

    Especially if the other person took the time to respond to my email….

    I think its sometimes the fact of communicating too much via facebook and sms that makes people forget the real world basics…

  • Robert Rizzo

    I totally agree. Kudos to you for helping the guy out. Hopefully, he will get some snap and hit you back with a thank you.

    On the other hand, when we do stuff to help other people succeed, we get the greatest blessing when we expect absolutely nothing in return. 🙂

  • Jimmy Bergmark

    Thank you is good manner.
    Not sure this is the case here but I sometimes run into situations where the email don’t reach the recipient. Might be blocked by their email server or ending up in the spam folder. When I think it is needed I try to email again using another email account and just check if they received my email.

  • Anne G

    I certainly agree Mr.Daniel!

    I also had few emails asking to help them out, but I got no response in return. It’s not that you’re expecting them to pay, but saying “thank you” already pays a lot. It’s like acknowledging the time and effort that you have spent responding to their “precious” email.

    Hope these people learn how to say “thank you”.

  • Pakde Cholik

    Say”Thank you” is very easy but a few of people ignore to do this polite thing.
    Even to my subordinate I always say “Thank You” and this makes them very happy.

    Thank you very much for your reminder

  • Karen

    I am totally feeling you on this post! Companies make starting your online store and/or blog seem easy but in reality it really isn’t if you want it to look professional have advanced functionality, etc.

    I’ve tried to help a lot of people in various ways but the few times I REALLY bent over backwards I didn’t receive any kind of gratitude at all and I was really dumbfounded. I chose to take the view that the people who received my help/advice didn’t realize all the work I had but in to gain that knowledge but still it irked me and really put me off doing anything like that again.

    This post also reminds me of how often I will see people posting on sites dedicated to free (or almost free) wordpress plugins – they have this attitude of stop what you’re doing and help me right this instant for something you created for nothing or next to nothing. There is no gratitude only complaints.

  • John C

    Thank you letters or messages used to be common courtesy. It’s shocking how that custom is being left behind. Thanks for this article. We definitely need more people like you in the world.


    I’ve had some readers ask me questions and I’ve emailed them long responses. So far they’ve all said thank you and I definitely appreciated it. I took a lot of time to respond and it’s nice for my efforts to be appreciated. I agree with you completely. It is disappointing when you go the extra mile and the person doesn’t say thank you.

  • The Max

    Yeah… I’m also agree with Alan Tay and Shahzad Saeed. Your advice is not only valuable for the business relationships but also entire life!! I have seen most of people (specially in forum discussions) don’t understand the value of these two words (“thank you”) 🙂

  • Shahzad Saeed

    As @Alan said,
    You should not write that big email, but you can have a blog post so that everyone can learn from it
    Thanks for sharing

  • Richard Ng

    Hi Daniel,

    True, “Thank You” is a powerful words and it will goes a long way!

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Alan Tay

    300 words of email reply is a long one, Daniel. You should have do blog post instead with that sort of quantity and I’m sure you will get more ‘Thank you’ here 😉

  • Hemendra Kumar Saini

    Saying thank you is one of the first things you get taught when you enrolled in school. And people tend to forgot everything, when they go out to school. So what type of development we have made when we almost forget what we have really taught in schools.

    I say “thank you” on behalf of everyone, for reminding us the value of simple two word phrase “thank you”.

  • Andrew kelsall

    SO…its not just me!

    I totally know where you’re coming from on this post Daniel. I had the same problem. Now I rarely give email advice unless I plan to then make my email reply a blog post (so at least I’ll get traffic for my efforts).

    I hope you don’t mind me dropping a link, but you and your readers can hear my story on my blog here…

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Jorge, agreed.

    @Ehsan, agreed as well.

  • Ehsan Ullah

    Ohh Daniel, After reading the title of the post I thought, you’re going to force us not to say “thank you” too much. A single thank you is enough to build long time relationships and helping newbies and seekers is the way to cross the road.

  • jorge jacobo

    Wow! You are certainly a real person and not craz* marketer. I guess you’re right, it would’ve been nice of him (her) to thank you, but what can we do. Just move on. And still thank him for helping you learn something new (I mean it in the sense that we never stop learning).

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