Do You Know The Secret Success Word?


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One of my favorite personal development and success authors is Earl Nightingale. He became quite famous with an audio segment called The Strangest Secret in the World, and he published several other books and audio programs.

Yesterday I started reading his book title “Lead The Field.” It contains 12 traits and factors that successful people have. The first chapter is about a secret success word. Can you guess what is it?

The secret success word is this one: attitude.

If you are not familiar with the term, here’s Google’s definition for the word: “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.”

Successful people have a positive attitude towards life and their work. For instance, they don’t waste time with intrigues and petty talk, they don’t get discouraged by obstacles, they know that failing is part of the game, they don’t have a problem admitting they are wrong if it happens, so on and so forth.

Earl call it a secret because many people would not include attitude in a list of traits or factors that lead to success. Instead they would include things such as intelligence, knowledge, contacts and so on.

And here’s why this word is so important: despite not being included in such lists, in my opinion (and in Earl’s too) attitude is more important than all other factors and traits.

That’s because someone with the right attitude will be able to compensate for a lack of intelligence, lack of knowledge, lack of contacts and so on.

In fact if you think about it most people in strategic and important positions have very positive attitudes. Think about politicians like Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton. CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page. Television personalities like Oprah Winfrey or Jay Leno.

Bottom line: if you want to be more successful and want to work on something, work on your attitude!

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5 Responses to “Do You Know The Secret Success Word?”

  • Trey Gibbs

    I agree. A lot of people take on the wrong attitude when it comes to making money especially online.. Also if you don’t really have the will to help others than you’re also taking on the wrong attitude. The key is interaction and helping others also. Thanks for this post.

  • David Hooper

    Earl Nightingale is amazing. Not only a great message, but his writing was tight and his vocal delivery smooth. I think anybody who speaks for money should listen to him for those things alone.

    Lead the Field is excellent. You’ll love it.

  • kamaluppal

    after reading your views i am feeling that, attitude is the one thing i was missing in my personality. i have much more time for research and development but i am wasting the time like the mads.
    now i feels, i have to stay positive towards my attitude as well as my goal.

    i have bookmarked your blog so that i can read this for my inspiration.

    your blog is quite inspiring for me..

  • NIshant Spyindia

    What I personally feel that SUCCESS is not a destination its the whole journey.
    S:- Small things matter a lot
    U:- Undertake plans
    C:- Check readiness
    C:- Create Alternatives
    E:- Evaluate yourself
    S:- Seek and give help
    S:- Stay positive

  • AmyColon

    I found your post interesting as i was looking for such book,i really cant express this line as it has very broad and deep sense “if you want to be more successful and want to work on something, work on your attitude”.Thanks for sharing.Great job!

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