Did You Try the Revamped Google Trends?


Google Trends was already one of my favorite tools for making research about the popularity of search terms and websites. Now it got even better, as Google announced it merged Google Trends with Insights for Search.

You can access the new interface here: Google.com/trends/


Here’s what changed in practice:

  • The interface has been revamped to be more user friendly
  • You can now do comparisons based on locations
  • You can now do comparisons based on time ranges
  • You can filter your results to specific categories
  • You can filter your results to represent web searches, image searches, news searches or product searches
  • You can see popular terms right now and the rising ones

Not bad huh? It’s certainly a tool to have on your web tool-belt, so check it out.

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6 Responses to “Did You Try the Revamped Google Trends?”

  • rajesh

    Google trends is a great tool in order to know what the people are searching for from different places. I always use this tool in order to get the popularity of each keyword.

  • George from seekdefo

    Google trends is the best of the best keyword research tool and its free

  • Mahaveer

    Just checked it and it looks nice. I have always used Google Search Insights to decide a title and primary keyword phrase for my blog posts.

  • Robert

    The new design for Google Trends is awesome 😉 More polish and easy to go with

  • Richard Ng

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for sharing, will sure to check out the revamp Google Trends.

  • Bloggy Dreams

    I love that Google is constantly updating, fine tuning and redesigning their products. I try to have the same attitude about my blog.
    I didn’t really like the previous format for Google trends so I avoided it. Perhaps this change will attract more people to use it.

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