Did You Get the Membership Site Masterplan?


Next week my friend Yaro Starak is opening the doors to the Membership Site Mastermind coaching program again. Yaro runs several successful (and profitable) membership sites, and in this coaching program he covers all you need to know to get your own membership site up and running.

The best way to get an idea of what the program is about, however, is by downloading his free report called Membership Site Masterplan. The report has 72 pages of content, and here are some of the topics that you will find inside it:

  • How to find topics for a membership site
  • How to develop preeminence, which means people choose to join your membership site over all the other options
  • What sources of traffic Yaro uses to bring members to his site and build his list
  • What technology Yaro uses to deliver content (this is so simple, anyone can do it)
  • How to make money from a membership site before you create the content for it
  • How to fill your membership site with hundreds of new members in a matter of days by conducting a powerful, yet simple, launch campaign

As you can see, the report is so complete that for many people it will probably be enough to get their membership sites going. The coaching program, on the other hand, is an extra layer for the people who want to have direct access to Yaro as a coach and the support of the member community.

Ask Yaro A Question

I realize that many of you might be interested in joining the coaching program next week, but you might have some questions that you would like to have answered first. If that is the case, feel free to leave a comment below with your question, and I will try to get Yaro to answer it. I might be able to answer to some of the questions as well, since I was one of the first people to go through Yaro’s program and to actually implement it.

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7 Responses to “Did You Get the Membership Site Masterplan?”

  • Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend

    Yep. I’m a member of Membership Mastermind! Very good community Yaro is building. He’s taking it slow and steady and building it solidly.

    Looking forward to meeting new people!

  • Surender Sharma

    Yaro is smart guy in the internet world.
    I am really excited to read his tips and tricks to start a membership site.

  • Hesham

    I am interested in joining my self, but i am just waiting for a good time!

  • Lora

    Membership sites can be a real, continued success if you do it the righ way.
    Offering free content to sell content, offering the best ideas to sell ideas and tempting potencial customers to subscribe can be very effective.

  • Melvin

    Im currently reading the book. So far I am really impressed with the ‘meat’ of the book. It covers a lot of things that I really have problems about.

  • Betty

    Sounds interesting!

    I tried signing up for info and haven’t had any response. Being an aWeber user, I know the confirmation response is usually immediate – but an hour later, still nothing. I even tried a second email address. Still nothing.

    You might want to let Yaro know.

  • Pascal

    I am a regular reader of Yaro’s ej blog. I will join immediately after launching of the program. Yaro really has great stuff. No loss for the money being spent. It is just an investment only.

    My question:

    Do you know exact membership fee structure?

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