Did You Buy YourName.com Already?


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All right let’s put this straight: if you read Daily Blog Tips regularly, there are good chances that one day you will become a web celebrity. If that is the case, you should register YourName.com before someone else does.

Now jokes apart, even if you just blog for hobby, I think it would be a wise idea to secure YourName.com. You never know what might happen in the future, what direction your career might take and so on, and for $9, registering your name on the Internet should definitely be worth it.

Take for example my situation. Right now I have no time whatsoever to start another project, even a small personal blog one. I am pretty sure that in the future I will want to share my personal opinions on different issues though, and perhaps even blog about topics like productivity or personal development. For that purpose I bought DanielScocco.com a while ago, and will just park it until I get the time or will to develop something on it.

Depending on your professional field, you could also use a website as a resume, and YourName.com is definitely the right domain for such a site.

Finally, owning YourName.com also reduces the chances of someone googling your name and finding the website of someone else. Google ergo sum is what they say. So what are you waiting for?

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59 Responses to “Did You Buy YourName.com Already?”

  • Chuck Anthony

    Nine out of ten Chuck Anthonys agree: Buy yourname.com

  • Greg Ellison

    Someone already took the .com version of my name so I bought the .net. I run a blog about me. The website has pictures, resume, my thoughts. if you want to check it out it is gregellison.net.


  • Madhur Kapoor

    I liked the idea of using it as a resume. Will register mine soon.

  • Colby Olson

    I agree with buying and parking your name domain, but as buying a domain goes, which do you guys use?

    I’ve heard so much negative stuff about GoDaddy that I’m wondering if there are other methods?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Genius, my pleasure.

    @Sachin, if you have an unusual name it should not be a problem to wait some time.

    @Hussein, a bit too long indeed, but could ways help if you will have people googleing it (like from companies or related). You could try first name plus initial of last name also.

    @Barb, yes I would try some different combinations. First name plus last name initial. First name initial plus last name and so on.

    @Adam Singer, the .org should be OK if you are appearing on the first page when someone searches for it. Ideally you want the first result as well though.

    @Mark Alves, yes good point, I will do it and I get some free time!

    @Brett, keep an eye to see if he will drop the registration in the future.

    @Dean, it is not bad. Depends on your goals for the blog. I find it much harder to promote a myname.com domain as a general website that brings information on some topic, but if you manage to its all good, and helps your personal brand also.

    @Pink Ink, go to godaddy.com, register an account, search yourname.com, and buy it. You can pay with Paypal or any credit card.

    Don’t forget to look for a couple code in Google as well, it will bring the registration cost down to $7.

    @Keith Anderson, definitely, and it will also motivate them to get in touch with the web sooner.

    @Ari, personally I would integrate both on a single domain, so all backlinks you get will count for the overall link popularity. Unless they have very different scopes, but a personal site and blog and very related.

    @Ali, good point 🙂 .

  • Mark Frost

    I wasn’t able to secure my .COM, but I do own the .NET and plan on contacting the Mark Frost who owns the .COM. The bad thing is it has been registered for nearly 10 years, so I’m sure he’ll expect $100 or so for it.

  • Kevin Bushbaker

    I think this is a great idea. Actually, one should look into getting their last name only as well, just in case you have a relative that strikes it rich on Idol or something silly like that. 🙂

    Also, this is a great way to have distant relatives that you never even knew about get in touch with you. I have had several 2nd and 3rd cousins find me and have made some great new connections. I love it…

  • suresh

    Will try to get it on the earliest possiible day.

  • SBA

    I have many domains, but not one for my name. Until recently it seemed a bit egotistical to me (one day I’ll be so famous, others will buy and sell my name), but I can see the practicality for bloggers of your experience and exposure. Pointing the name to your blog or other web service is a good strategy. I agree with Mark Alves that you should not let it sit there — I wrote a post on this topic:

  • cb

    My real name has already been grabbed in most forms by a well-known singer.. it isn’t even that common – but I can’t really complain as it is her actual real name too!

  • Kurt

    That’s a good one Daniel. Well you are so popular…hmm…I think I’ll better wait..and if I ever become a popular blogger too then I’ll instantly register my name lol.

    Anyway my full name is so rare lol.

  • Agentspits

    I never really thought about this before, but it actually is a good idea, my site now isn’t the most professional sounding name. It’s okay for now, and for a personal fun blog, but if I need a more professional presence online later on in life then it would undoubtedly be a good idea.

  • Ari Herzog

    Like the above comment by Rajaie, I doubt other people share my name. That said, I registered ariherzog.com in 2002 and began using it shortly after.

    I’m in the process of redefining ariherzog.com, my website, and ariwriter.com, my blog, though I’m unsure what and how. Thoughts? Or keep them the way they are?

  • Added-Cash

    I agree completely. Don’t wait to registar your name. When I went to apply for mine, I was taken back at how many of the names & phrases were already taken. Even if you don’t have a web page or blog to set up right away get the name. It will save you alot of grief in the end.

  • Keith Anderson

    Unfortunately, there is a country singer that has my same name, and the domain has been registered for 10+ years. .net and .org have been taken since 2000.

    I just checked my kid’s names, three are available, I should probably grab those, they will appreciate it someday.

  • Pink Ink

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time. I’ve never bought a domain name before. How does one go about it?

  • Effi Haryanti

    I totally agree. Buying YourName.com is highly recommended. I use mine as my “online diary”.

  • Dean

    Yes, I have MyName.com. In fact, it’s my blog’s URL! Is that bad?

  • Glen Allsopp

    Good tip that I completely agree with, I bought my .COM near the end of 2007.

    I’m actually launching a blog on productivity / personal development very soon so it’s pretty funny you should mention that 😉

  • Abhinav Sonkar

    I read an article similar to this one two years back and that prompted me to buy my domain name. I haven’t regretted it. It is really a good idea and every serious blogger should get it before it is out of your hands.

  • Brett Schulte

    I tried about 5 years ago to register brettschulte.com. Unfortunately, (in)famous Usenet troll Brett Schulte out of Atlanta, GA (I think?) had already registered it, so I settled for brettschulte.net instead.

  • Mike Panic

    I bought mikepanic.com about 8 years ago now – which is mainly used as my photography portfolio, but I agree, it’s silly not to buy your name.

  • Mark Alves

    Daniel – instead of just parking your domain and letting GoDaddy run its own ads on that page, why not redirect it to your own About page on this site? Granted, there probably won’t be much direct type-in traffic, but every bit counts.

  • Adam Singer

    UNFORTUNATELY there are a ton of other Adam Singer’s – while I was able to get AdamSinger.org, .com and .net were unavailable.

    On the plus side, if you Google me I have three out of the 10 results on page 1, so it’s not too bad. I have a very common name (which i never realized until I got on the web).

    There was a whole document creating on the phenomenon of Google’ing yourself:

  • Barb D.

    I tried doing that recently but found that my name is common enough that both my married name and maiden name are already taken. What can someone do in this situation? Play around with shortening the name, grabbing an alias, using intials, or what? Thanks in advance for any tips on this problem!

    Barb D.

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    I don’t think anyone has the same name as me, and when I get close to being famous, I’ll be sure to register it as fast as I can.

  • Internet Business Ideas

    Don’t have one, but it is on my list.


  • Hussein

    Ooops I’d like to but my name is too long. Do you think it is still ok if it is too long? about 15 letters (firstname+lastname) 😀

  • sachin

    I will give this a thought and try to book a domain by my name.

  • SEO Genius

    I have never thought about owning yourname.com domain i always thought it was a stupid idea one for the registering companies to make MORE money.
    However after reading your article i might consider registering it after all, i think Godaddy does a deal for yourname.com domains.

    I am not sure i just recall briefly seeing something, however i obviously was not that interested.

    Thanks for putting things in to perspective

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