Daily32 WordPress Theme Released


It is time for another WordPress theme. Daily32 was designed to offer a professional layout with three sub-header sections and three sub-footer sections. Bloggers often want to display special content and links on their blogs, and these sections will allow you to do exactly that.


This is another theme from the guys over Design Saurus. As you can see they know how to squeeze quality and functionality into WordPress themes.

The download comes with the PSD file for the header and the necessary fonts. You will just need to open it on Photoshop (or an equivalent image editing software) and modify it with your blog name. There is also an alternative text based header for people that are not able to modify the PSD file, but it does not look as good as the original one.

Finally, here are the other features:

  • Advertising Ready: The theme comes with six 125×125 banner spots ready to go. You will just need to upload the banners into the Images folder and update the ads.php file.
  • Feedburner Integration: The theme has an options page where you can simply paste your Feedburner feed URL. It also comes with a styled email subscription form, where you just need to put your Feedburner email id.
  • Comments Styling: The author comments already come with a different style so that readers can easily identify them.
  • Popular Posts: The Popular Posts section on the sub-header already comes with a WordPress function that will automatically display the most commented posts from the blog.
  • Search Engine Optimization: As usual the title and meta tags have already been optimized. The categories and archive pages are also structured to display only post excerpts.

If you find any problems or have suggestions just let us know and we will work on it.

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92 Responses to “Daily32 WordPress Theme Released”

  • Daniel

    Chris, yes you would need to find the correct php code to insert.

    Is it going below the limit?

  • Chris Jacobson

    Daniel, is there a way to limit the amount of months shown in the archives section of the footer?

  • Bruce Cat

    One of the best free themes around atm. Actually, it is better than most so called premium themes 🙂

  • James Mann

    I am always looking for great WordPress themes for my blogs but a lot of them just don’t fit what I am looking. It’s always nice when I find, or someone finds for me, new themes that have what I want.

    I am not much of programmer so I when I make changes to WP themes I spend most of my time fixing problems I created.

    I am learning slowly but in the meantime I will use other people’s themes.

  • merapuman

    after download and extract. i go thru header.php and at line 11 found that

  • Eliaski Sukiyaki

    Great theme, this is the one that am been look for the the past weeks, finally i got . Thanks guys and hope you guy can come up with more good design.

  • JHS

    A striking resemblance to the Blogging Experiment theme that I have customized on my site!

  • tantan

    I just can say: “It’s really nice theme”. thanks for the free theme 🙂

  • Jim | BloggingStartup

    I really like this theme. I’ve been looking for a theme for a new website (not really a blog, but will be published in a similar fashion)…and this one will work perfectly. Thanks so much for releasing such a great design!

  • Daniel

    Chris, the PSD of “Resources” is there, so you just need to modify it to whatever you want and use on the appropriate section.

  • Chris Jacobson

    Can you include the PSD files for the Popular Posts, Resources and Subscribe image headers?

  • Daniel

    Michael, working on that thanks.

  • Jacky

    I like it. ^.^

  • Michael Clark

    There’s a bug on your demo: the date that is after a post entry has a period after the year. But on the full post page, there is a space between the year and the period.

    Another bug too: On

  • Jeba

    Wow.. just what I was looking for.. Perfect!!

  • Mary Green

    I like this wordpress theme, I like especially how they are coming out with more themes that are like Revolution, and the magazine style used. A lot of time and money is going into making all these wordpress themes and plugins for people to use for their websites. Premium themes are great but it seems you don’t have to wait long for the better free themes to come along.

    Thank you for posting this, I hope to see other color schemes come out.


  • theWild1

    great looking theme, except I would probably not use orange

  • hts

    Great theme. I just implemented on my blog and it is absolutely perfect 🙂 I still have to edit the header images and some other minor stuff, but I think I just found a PERFECT theme for my blog. Thanks.

  • Albert Hallado

    Hi Daniel,

    Man! just loved this template, the one I have right now is fine but really looking for the template ads block (ready) because tons of enquiry are asking me about advertising on my site/blog and I just found it, Daniel when it’s ready I will have you take a look.

    Thank You,
    Albert Hallado

  • David Parkinson

    Nice, i like this theme, however i prefer studio press. I use studio press for my blog.

  • Rajeev Edmonds

    Thanks for the Gem. This one is the best so far.

  • Daniel

    Ian, perhaps you were correct.

    The font itself was invented in 1928 so I am sure if there are still copyrights over it, but apparently you can’t find it for free on the web.

    We changed the theme files to include a public font instead.

  • Carey Suante

    Thanks a lot for your free themes, they are simply great!

    Looking forward to more of those!

    Love the StudioPress too!!

  • azwanhadzree

    thanks for making this and the other 3 free. i read about your plan to make studiopress in diff colors. looking forward to it

  • Daniel

    Rajab, I am already working on a page that will display all of our themes in a single place.

  • Ian Stewart

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade—the theme looks cool and everything—but are you really allowed to redistribute Gill Sans with the theme? That…surprises me.

  • ReviewSaurus

    @ Steven & Tom : Thanks for the nice comments 🙂

  • Tom Beaton

    That is a great theme for a blog. It probably suits a slightly older blog more than a new one which doesnt have the content to make use of all those boxes.

  • Steven Finch

    This has to be the best theme you have released so far. It is simple and has a nice group of features. Im looking forward to seeing how these develop in the future.

  • Rajab

    I just typed Dailyblogtips.com cos I wanted one of your old themes to work on and I found a brand new one released today. Nice!

    Thanks Dainel

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