Customize the Feedburner Chicklet


feedcount.pngThis tip is easy to implement but it can be very useful if you are trying to customize the text on your Feedburner Feed Count Chicklet. Just look into the HTML code that Feedburner provided you for the Chicklet and locate the address of the image:


Now you will need to add the follow attribute to that address:


Therefore the final line will look like this:


You can use this feature to display something more catchy than “readers” like “fans” or “addicts”. Alternatively if you have two of more feeds on your blog (i.e. one for entries and one for comments or one for each language) you can also customize the text to differentiate them (an example can be seen on Andrea’s blog).

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24 Responses to “Customize the Feedburner Chicklet”

  • aaslin

    thanks for the useful post

  • sterndal


    i was just wondering if you could write a post about how to display number of subscribers in wordpress blog


  • Gustavo Robledo :: Gadgets 101 ::

    Nice tutorial, although I only have 2 rss subscribers so far. lol The only thing I can’t figure out is how to put the chicklet next to my twitter counter. Is there a plugin or tutorial to help me figure this out?

  • Andrew Mooers

    Big help and appreciate the tip!

  • Sean Davis

    Definitely a cool tip. I really wish it allowed more characters. I tried “Entrepreneurs” but it was too long. That would have made my day! Haha

  • Bang Kritikus

    Very good article, but i don’t have subscibers

  • redwall_hp

    blogname?bg=246cb0&fg=000000 Muahahaha! You could replace 246cb0 with the code for ProBlogger or John Chow’s feed. 😈

  • gqemkxulc qwjhgtan

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  • David Airey :: Creative Design ::

    A nice tip indeed.

    I’ve changed my own count display.

    Thanks buddy.

  • George C.

    Great, that’s a good tip. Good work

  • Daniel

    I think you put as many as you want, but they will go outside the icon. It would be cool if we could use two words alternated, then you could use “Good” and “Dads”.

    Other than that I think that “BGDs” is nice and original. Let me know when you do the changes on your site.

  • Mike

    I’m thinking of having a logo done for my most popular site which will probably end up using the letters BGD or BAGD(Be A Good Dad). When I do that maybe I’ll have to change the feedreader chiclet to say BGDs or BAGDs. I still think that is a pretty nifty customization opportunity.

    Any idea what the maximum number of characters allowed is?

  • Daniel

    Mike, good question. I think I will leave “readers” for the moment. If had no limitation on the number of letters I would certainly come up with something cool. Fans is a good one also, there a lot of blogs using it.

  • Mike

    That’s pretty cool for branding. So, what are you going to customize yours to say?

  • Daniel

    Napolux, the idea to write this tip came when I saw Andrea’s blog displaying two feeds, that is why I linked to him. The trick itself is much older, I had seen it like in 2 or 3 blogs last year.

    The MyAvatars plugin is a really nice one, and quite a few blogs use them so nice job!

  • Napolux

    As Andrea says in his own post this trick came from my blog. 😛

    Talking ’bout plugins take a look at MyAvatars, created by me and Andrea Micheloni, that shows MyBlogLog avatars in comments instead of gravatars 😛

  • Daniel

    Thanks Villager!

    Francesco, that is I nice plugin, I will play with it a bit and give you my feedback.

    Rishi, yeah it would be a good idea to wait until you have some 100 subscribers and then show the feed count.

  • Rishi

    Its wonderful but I guess displaying feedcount is good for those blogs only who have 100+ counts.

  • francesco mapelli

    Or you can use my wondeful feedcount wordpress plugin that can be integrated in any wordpress theme and is css customizable 🙂

  • Villager

    This is a pretty cool customization for the Feedburner Chicklet. I was able to use your guidance to change the boring “Readers” to the infinitely more exciting “Villagers”! I am glad that I added your blog to my Technorati fav list over the weekend!

    peace, Villager

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