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A nice way to promote your blog is to find another blog that is complementary to your topic and propose the author a cross feed promotion. Basically you will place a sponsor line at the end of every post on your RSS feed, with a tagline and a link to the other blog. The author of the other blog will then do the same for you.

Suppose you have the “ABC Blog” which deals with marketing and business strategy. Complementary topics to your blog could be finance, technology, Internet and so on. Once you find, for instance, the “XYZ Blog” that talks about corporate finance you contact the author and propose the cross feed promotion. Should both parties agree you will place the following line on your feed:

Sponsor: Get the latest word on corporate finance from the “XYZ Blog”

The simplest way to create a footer and add customized messages to your RSS feed is through the sig2feed plugin.

If the two blogs have different numbers of RSS subscribers, say 100 and 500, you can harmonize this disparity using the Feedvertising service from Text-Link-Ads. The service allows users to place advertising messages on their feed, and up to 6 different advertisers can be rotated on the feed. In our example the blog with 100 subscribers will display the sponsor line on every post while the most popular blog with 500 subscribers will setup his Feedvertising to display the sponsor line once every 5 posts.

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  • Gert Hough

    The sig2feed plugin is moved. Could you contact the author for another link?

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Can I have more insight on this..
    I’m seeing this strategy being used by
    Though fail to understand how to make it viral…and connecting with blog of same niche will be useful or connecting with the blog of different niche..??

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