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There are many advertising networks out there connecting content publishers (i.e. bloggers) with advertisers. The advantage of those networks is that they can tap a wide range of advertisers, something that would be very difficult for a small blogger. Secondly they also have economies of scale to deal with thousands of ads monthly and consequently a higher credibility.

That said, such networks also have a huge drawback, they usually eat half of your money. Text-Link-Ads, for instance, places simple text links on your site. You can decide the amount of links you want to put on your blog, and based on a couple of parameters (traffic, topic, pagerank, etc.) they will calculate a monthly price per link. Suppose the price is $50 monthly per link, this means that an advertiser will pay $50 dollars to put the link on your site, but you will receive only $25 and Text-Link-Ads will eat the other $25.

Subscribing with advertising networks can be an option if you don’t have time to sell advertising yourself or if just want to make a couple of bucks to pay your hosting bills. If you are serious about your blog and if the traffic is starting to grow steadily, however, I highly recommend that you create your own “Advertise” page to deal directly with potential advertisers, cutting out the middle man.

You can customize your advertise page in whatever way you prefer, but a good way to structure it is to divide the page in three main paragraphs. On the first paragraph you need to describe what topic your site deal with, who are your readers (age, geographical locations, profession, or anything else that describes them) and what kind of traffic or exposure the site is receiving. Notice that the more precise you get the better.

The example of the first paragraph for Daily Blog Tips would be:

Daily Blog tips is generating over 120000 page views per month, with a very targeted audience composed of bloggers, site owners and web designers. The site features daily tips on blog design, promotion, web tools, and more. If you have a website or product that is focused on blogging or online marketing in general Daily Blog Tips is the right place for you.

On the second paragraph you want to specify what kind of advertising you are looking for, preferably including the price and graphical specifications. A possible example would be:

There are two ways to advertise on Daily Blog Tips:

  • sponsored link ($30 monthly)
  • sponsored graphic ($120 monthly) *Graphics should be 125×125 pixels, without animations

Finally, on the third paragraph you should include general information about the advertising deals and how the person could get in touch with you in the case he is interested. An example for the third paragraph is:

Daily Blog Tips reserves the right to approve sponsoring sites. Advertising plans are agreed on a month-to-month basis where either party may terminate the relationship on 15 days notice.

If you are interested or need more information please send an email to

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18 Responses to “Create your own “Advertise” page”

  • Eddie Gear

    Clear examples and well written ideas. Cant believe that I missed out this post.

  • thanos

    nice post man,very useful for a full time blogger like myself…:)

  • DreamHouse

    I should have known blogging years ago so I can have traffic like you mention above.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Daily Good Tips

    I joined TLA but i haven’t put the code into my blog. I afraid my google pagerank down.

  • Bang Kritikus

    Is this dangerous for our blog google pagerank. I get information that if we put text link ads, google will penalties our blog. Is that right ??

  • Courtland

    I think this is something that will help my site gain more revenue. I’ll try it out for a few months, hope everything goes well.

  • Mexxfh


  • Slade

    But if a certain advertiser is willing to pay $50 to TLA to put a link on your site means that the link itself has a value of $50 dollars for him, therefore with the right approach you should be able to sell it yourself

    Excellent point. I had a true A-ha moment reading that comment.

    I’ve been so excited by Text-link-ads – how user-friendly and low-maintenance the whole process is – not to mention the Feedvertising plug-in is a great way for WordPress users to offer free downloads as a subscriber incentive – I think I’ve allowed myself to slip into “auto-pilot” regarding the possibilities.

    Your bottom-line here is obvious.

    I like the idea of running T-L-A in addition to offering a more PREVALENT, hand-picked sponsor.

  • AdsBay

    This is exactly what AdsBay is hoping to accomplish! Currently all advertising networks charge an extortionate amount of money to sell your ad space, but with AdsBay you can sell your ad space using an auction format and you pay no commission on the sale. You can also set up your “Advertising Page” to point to your AdsBay auctions.

  • L.O. Niskasaari
  • Daniel

    I have seen a couple of other examples out there, but I agree with both of you guys, it not easy to get started selling your own ads,

    then again, here in Brazil we have a saying that goes like this “baby that does not cry does not get the milk”

  • Thilak

    I would agree with Ajay, Advertisers hesitate to buy ads directly from us. So far, I’ve seen only Stammy (Paul Stamatiou) have great success with it

    Check out my Advertise Page:

  • Daniel

    check out the site of Paul Stamatiou, he has a good advertise page and you can see where he placed the ads that he sold directly (graphical ones).

  • Ajay D’Souza

    Agreed on that point Daniel. Without doubt if the advertiser contacts me directly, it will work out cheaper.

    I’m still confused about how exactly to go about it. I’ve got Google Ads and TLA on my site. They are bringing in enough to ensure my site keeps running.

    Don’t know how successful I’m going to be on this aspect. Also, not sure where exactly to place these ads.

  • Daniel

    Ajay, I agree with you that sometimes advertising networks are an easier option.

    But if a certain advertiser is willing to pay $50 to TLA to put a link on your site means that the link itself has a value of $50 dollars for him, therefore with the right approach you should be able to sell it yourself.

    I know it is not easy, it takes time and the blog needs to have certain characteristics, but it is certainly worth a shot.

  • Bes

    Excellent post! With quality content and a well-built authority even among a few other authors/sites/bloggers, one can attract advertisers through this option easily, I think. One can also keep any currently subscribed advertising networks also in case an advertiser goes through that route.

    A way to differentiate those two options could be to offer ads like text-link-ads on a specific side of the sidebar, whereas getting an ad link directly from the owner from the “Advertise” page would result in an ad in a completely different spot. That way, both options will be utilized until the site has grown popular enough among advertisers to get rid of any ad networks, if one wishes to.

  • Ajay D’Souza

    btw, check out

  • Ajay D’Souza

    There is one problem with trying to sell your own links is that Advertisers sometimes are reluctant to buy from the blog owner directly.

    I have had a few measely offers to sell ads. TLA so far is among the best options.

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