Control Firefox with Mouse Gestures


If you are tired of using the keyboard or complex menus to navigate with your browser you should check this extension. Mouse Gestures is a funny and useful Firefox addon that includes dozens of browser commands through mouse movements. Want to go backwards? Just move the mouse to the left. Want to reload the page? Move the mouse up and down.gesture_closetab.png

Obviously you will need to dedicate some time initially to learn the basics and memorize some movements (most of them are pretty intuitive). But after that adaptation phase you will see that it can actually make your navigation faster and smoother. You can see examples of the most used mouse gestures here.

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7 Responses to “Control Firefox with Mouse Gestures”

  • Bang Kritikus

    It is disturb for page screen

  • naomi domo

    dos and donts in mouse?

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Seems very innovative .

  • theUg

    I just use Opera, which had those gestures for a helluva long time. 😉

    I really mostly use back/forward motions, almost never any other. But even at that mouse gestures are very important for me.

    The problem I had with gestures is when you accidentally close the tab. In newer version of Opera you are able to open tabs closed during same session (Firefox has this ability, but I don’t like the implementation there), but before, if you accidentally close the tab, all would be gone, so I always edited gestures configuration to omit the closing gesture.

  • Daniel

    Maki, you are right, a good feature about that extension is the fact that you can customize and create your own movements and commands.

    Bret, I guess I will need to research about how to avoid injuries from excessive user of the computer, should be relevant to all bloggers 🙂

  • Maki

    I’ve been using mouse gestures for several years already and I can’t live without it. Absolutely speeds up the way you surf the net.

    My favorite gesture for navigating Back and Forward is simply to set them as right click-left click or left click-right click. It’s even faster than right clicking and dragging the mouse.

  • Bret –

    I saw mouse gestures and thought about trying it, but I’m getting some serious carpal tunnel from my constant mouse usage. Actually, I wish keyboard web browsing was easier. I find I can avoid the strain the mouse puts on my hand when I use more keyboard shortcuts.

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