ContactThem: Too Good To Be True?


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Yesterday I was checking my spam folder to see if any legit emails slipped there by accident. At one point I came across one titled “I visited your website” Here is what it looked like:


We’ve seen your website at

28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website

and we love it!

We see that your traffic rank is 14522
and your link popularity is 31.
Also, you have been online since <Online since>.

With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month
to advertise our links on your website.

If you’re interested, read our terms from this page:


Tim Smith
The ContactThem Network

For one thing the $4,800 monthly caught my attention. Then I also noticed that the software that the guy was using was flawed on the section that was supposed to capture the registration date of my domain…

Anyway I am always curious to see what ingenuous ways people find to make money online, so I clicked on the link to check the website out. On the other side I found a professionally designed website, which started immediately playing a recorded voice. Here is what the voice told me:

After millions of dollars invested and over 2 years in development, we’ve just launched the fastest growing program since Google Adwords and as viral as Hotmail. Over 300,000 people have visited this page in the first week and thousands are joining every day! Growing faster and faster every minute, this program propagates extremely fast.

Right, I thought. Reading further I found out that the conditions of deal were even better than what I first imagined! The $4,800 payment is just for the first month, on the second month this figure will double and I would receive $9,600! Not only that, every month that I kept using the program my pay would increase, after just four months I would already be making $19,200. Yay!

Long story short there is an asterisk on the numbers, and they just represent earning potentials. You just make money when other members join their network using your referral code. I mean come on guys, even if you want to encourage people to sign up you would do a better job by using some down to earth figures.

How does the program work? Every new member receives a software that is supposed to “finds thousands of Leads: Clients, visitors, subscribers, network marketing leads (Yes, MLM leads!), Internet marketers, affiliates, website owners & business partners.”

I checked my spam folder once again and noticed that I had a dozen of similar emails from that company or from its affiliates. It appears that they arrived to me through my contact details on my domain names. Talk about qualified leads!

Well, I guess I should have trusted my email client in the first place.

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31 Responses to “ContactThem: Too Good To Be True?”

  • Chris Rutledge

    I received a very similar email, however as the site they had found does not have good rank/popularity those fields were blank!

    I looked around on their site and couldn’t find the terms (didn’t spend that long looking).

    Decided to research them and found this post #3 for contactthem.

    thanks for the heads up on these guys – not going to waste my time on them!

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