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Everyone knows how annoying it can be having to deal with websites that take forever to load. There are recent researches, in fact, confirming that 75% of the Internet users do not return to sites that take longer than four seconds to load.

In order to check the load time of your site you can use an online tool called “Website Speed Test”. It allows you to enter up to 10 websites, and the results display the size of the website, the total loading time and the average speed per KB.


By the way I would suggest keeping your load time below 2 seconds. In the near future I will post an article with tips to make your pages load faster.

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45 Responses to “Check the load time of your site”

  • Top10

    Mine shows 0.09 & 0.1 sec for 58kb and 49kb sites. Can this tool be trusted?

  • Vserve Technologies

    What should be average load time of any good site?
    It may be in seconds ?

  • aLiN

    Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB
    1 97.37 KB 0.14 seconds 0 seconds

  • Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle)

    This is great!
    However, my blog 6 secs…Not so great!

  • Ken

    Great tool!
    Get below 1.0 sec for my sites.

  • Alexa

    Thanks. Nice tool. My site fly on the web:)

  • Peter Szabo

    I liked this site, it’s neat. Good job!

  • racing classifieds

    haha, I have a racing website now!

  • snake

    1 http://www.gmc– 29.51 KB 0.53 seconds 0.02 seconds

    i believe i finnally built me a php skin that loads quick enough

  • Megha

    I had a doubt about my website’s loading time: but not any more…..

    🙂 Thanks

  • Megha

    Wow.. what a tool. I will recommend it to my friends too.!

  • arwind

    My site load time is <1 s

  • arwind

    It is a great tool i have checked it with my site

  • kriz cpec

    Thanks for the tips.

  • kriz cpec


  • Jack H

    I think my clean design is doing the trick, I have load time, 0,53 sec.

    Must be the fastest blog to load in Sweden.

  • Johnie

    I liked this site, it’s neat. Good job! Visit my sites, please:

  • engtech

    My CSS file is 30k alone. I was shocked by the size, I didn’t pay attention to how fast the speed was. 🙂

    One of the tricks I just did to try and reduce bandwidth usage is moving to excerpts except for the main page. This is a big hack because I can’t actually edit the template to use excerpts (because I’m hosted on

  • Roberto Alamos Moreno

    Hi Daniel,

    Excellent tool, I didn’t know it. From now on I will use constantly to check my site’s speed.

    Good advice as usual 🙂

  • Daniel

    Mike, you are right about the inconsistency regarding the file sizes. I guess the service only consider part of the website structure, say the HTML code.

    Check out this other service, it is not reliable for the speed but it seems to break down the files that composed your website:

  • Mike Empuria

    Follow Up:

    I was looking at this for my empuriabrava site and the Web Speed Test views the page as being 7.23kb in size. However, the elements that make the page are as follows:
    header = 0.94
    index = 5.96
    footer = 1.16
    image = 25.8
    css file = 6.8

    Total Page Size = 40.66kb – a big difference from the 7.23 being tested.

  • Daniel

    menghua, I think that the speed varies even for the same website due to network factors. The average speed should be consistent over the time, though.

  • Irish Church Lady

    Very interesting tool. My main blog takes 6.72 secs to load. I’ll be interested in your post on how to shorten load times.

    Just came across this blog recently BTW. Good stuff here!

  • Mike Empuria

    01 7.23 KB 0.33seconds 0.05 seconds
    02 27.15 KB 0.67 seconds 0.02 seconds
    03 6.28 KB 0.37 seconds 0.06 seconds

    Much quicker than I expected but I make sure my homepages are quick to load. Sometimes I think that Google Analytics and Adsense slows a page’s loading time and I don’t think that these figures represent that.

  • menghua

    engtech.. that’s really fast!

    Seriously, I doubt the usage of this tool. The speed varies every time I click CHECK. How do they determine the speed anyway? Which location do they tested from? hmm…

  • Daniel

    engtech, that is a pretty good speed, you have a large page but at least it is loading fast!

  • engtech

    Me thinks I need to compress the content on my blog.

    01 141.7 KB 0.79 seconds 0.01 seconds

  • Ramen Junkie

    Ironicly, that page seems to take quite a while to load.

  • Daniel

    that is good, it has a lot to do with the web host also.

  • Sridhar

    Mine supposedly loads in 0.85 secs.


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