BlogWorld Expo 2007: Discount for DBT Readers!



If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read this post, the discount code is DBTIPS25, it will knock $25 off on any package.

The blogging phenomenon is expanding through all areas of our economy, but it still lacks a world wide event attracting all members of the segment. That is exactly what the guys over the BlogWorld Expo are trying to accomplish, and it looks like they are on the right track.

The 2007 conference (November 8-9, Vegas) is expecting several thousands of attendees, and it will feature prominent bloggers, podcasters, new media experts and mainstream media journalists. They are also receiving support and sponsorship from Yahoo!, WordPress, Feedburner, b5media and more.

The conference will be divided in tracks (beginners, advanced, podcasting, entrepreneurs and monetization), and it will cover many topics, including:

  • Blogging 101
  • Building a Beautiful Blog
  • Utilizing Social Media
  • Blogging & Profit Potential
  • Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  • The Long Tail, Or Not?
  • Just the Numbers: Understanding Analytics

Apart from a learning a lot of stuff it certainly will also be a great opportunity to network. What about the prices, you might ask. There are different packages, and currently there is an early bird (until October 19) where the basic package costs $75 and the full conference package costs $175.

That is already a nice price, but guess what, the organizers of the event were kind enough to contact me and offer a $25 price cut for the first 50 DBT readers registering for the event! Just go to the Blog World site, choose your package, and during the registration enter the code DBTIPS25. This is not an affiliate program by the way, nothing is coming into my pocket :).

I am talking to a travel agent to see if I can arrange to attend the event as well, but Brazilians need a visa to enter the U.S. (which can take several months to be emitted). Regardless of that I think it will be fun, and if you happen to attend it remember that I will welcome a guest coverage!

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8 Responses to “BlogWorld Expo 2007: Discount for DBT Readers!”

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    New Blogger here –

    But a long time travel agency owner.

    Get a visa service in your area to get a visa to Brazil. In Chicago American Visa Service is excellent. These people will expedite a visa. It will cost extra but if you really want to go —- There are different services according to the state you are in.

    Good luck!

    Corinne Edwards

    PS Love your blogging tips!

  • Deanna

    ha! I just read more and found my answer! “The conference will be divided in tracks (beginners, advanced, podcasting, entrepreneurs and monetization), and it will cover many topics…”

  • Deanna

    I haven’t read through the entire site yet, but do you think this event is geared more towards beginners or would it be worthwhile even for those who’ve been blogging for several years? Thanks for the info!

  • Daniel

    I think that is the first year that they are doing it at “large scale.”

  • The Buxr Widget

    Has anyone attended this conference before? It sounds interesting.

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