Blogging Strategy: Introduction


bloggingstrategy.gifA couple of days ago I was thinking: “There are web designers who blog and give great advice about how to design a website. There are programmers who can certainly help people to fix codes or to implement scripts. I am no professional designer or programmer, but there must be something valuable that I can share coming from my own background.”

What is my background you might ask? In 2005 I received a degree in International Economics with a minor in Business Strategy, and I have also worked for a large multinational company inside the Marketing and Business Development department.

After reflecting upon the mentioned question I realized that blogging could borrow many principles from management and business strategy. A blog, after all, can be perfectly compared to a business entity. It has managers (authors), inputs (ideas and information), outputs (posts and articles), clients (readers), competitors (bloggers or other websites on the same niche), partners (blog networks, friends), performance indicators (traffic, RSS subscribers, incoming links) and so on.

Considering all those similarities I decided to write a series of posts called”Blogging Strategy”, with the objective of applying some important business strategy concepts to blogging. Whether your goal is to make a living from blogging or simply to share your ideas, there is no reason why you should not do it strategically!

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9 Responses to “Blogging Strategy: Introduction”

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the support guys! I will try to live up to the expectations.

  • Roberto Alamos Moreno

    I’m a programmer who blog (so I was touched by this post) but I don’t have a background on economics nor business strategy so I’ll be waiting this series of posts with a lot of enthusiasm because I’m sure it’ll teach me a lot of useful things to make my blog really successful 🙂

    Thanks a lot for your Daniel

  • George

    I am looking forward to reading this series, it sounds like it will be interesting.

  • Anthony

    Really looking forward to reading this.

  • Dawud Miracle

    Interesting. I’ll wait to see what you write…

  • Garry

    I’m looking forward to the series too. I don’t think my qualification of an HND in Automotive engineering can be applied to blogging in quite the same way!

  • Daniel

    Thanks Ajay, hopefully by tomorrow the next post on the series will be online.

  • Ajay

    Hey, look forward to seeing this series…

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