Blogging Idol Competitors: You Need to Activate Your Feedburner Feed Count


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This is a quick note for the bloggers that sent an application for the Blogging Idol. I am starting to create the scoreboard, and I am noticing that a large amount of the competitors don’t have the Feedburner feed count active.

In order for you to participate in the competition there are two requirements:

1. I must be able to find the Feedburner feed on your blog
2. You must have the “Feed Count” feature enabled

Those were stated in the rules so make sure you are meeting those requirements.

If you don’t know how to do this, here is a quick guide: Go to, register an account and “burn your feed.” Then display that feed link somewhere in your blog. Then log into your Feedburner control panel, go under “Publicize,” and then “Feed Count.” Then activate it.

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23 Responses to “Blogging Idol Competitors: You Need to Activate Your Feedburner Feed Count”

  • Dot Com Dud

    I’ve activated mine now. All good?

  • Andy

    Ready to go here!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Arlind, you just need to have it active.

  • Arlind

    Does that mean that we have to put it on the sidebar or only activate it?

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Julio, yeah that is fine.

    As long as the feed count is active.

  • Young

    My ” feed count ” was active and you can see it in the side bar, if not, please let me know. The total subscription was only 5 up till now, but I will try it to be more.

  • Ruchir Chawdhry

    Sorry, mine’s in the sidebar now, did it after you sent the email 🙂

  • d3so

    mine has been activated.
    Hopefully my new blog will do well 😉
    happy hunting everyone!

  • Rohit

    That shouldn’t be an issue with my blog.

    Anyways,it’s quite exciting to give a head-start.

  • TheWeblogZone

    Done and done. 🙂

  • Koichi

    Added it to the “about” page! Sorry about that.


    Please guys do it fast..

  • Neilio

    Mine is active and displaying (which hurts a little seeing as it’s so low!)

  • Julio Greff

    Instead of Feed Count, I show the number of subscribers via XML (I don’t like that ugly image =/). Is it valid?

  • Melvin

    Whew.. I never know there’s another rss contest going on..

  • Sohail

    done it already as u said:)

  • Vakeria | TimelessLessons

    Thank you for the reminder Daniel, just activated the feed count.

  • Joel Drapper

    Ops. Sorry about that. Mine is active now. You can find it in my sidebar.

  • Colby

    Sorry about that…I activated my feed count and added the feedburner chicklet to my site. Good luck to everyone!

  • TheAnand

    i have goog feedburner…will it do?

  • Raghu

    Less the 24 hours to Go! Let he games begin.

  • Jodith

    My extremely pitiful feed count has been activated.

  • Brad – Personal Blog Tips And Blog Help

    Check Check and Check!

    Can’t wait Daniel. 🙂

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