Blogging Idol 2: Back to the Drawing Board


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Update: Thanks for the feedback guys. Looks like the new rules are good to go, so we will be running the competition on November. Next Monday (October 27) I will be posting the final post and opening the applications.

I thought I had the perfect plan for Blogging Idol 2, but the events proved me wrong. I figured that an AdSense based competition would really be cool, since we all want to understand what are the best, real methods for making money with PPC ads right?

It might be the case, but it turns out that very few people were be willing to start a new blog or website for that purpose (and the ones who did were worried about getting their account banned if other competitors tried to sabotage them). Over the past week I received only 20 applications. Probably some more would come over the next week, but it would still be below the minimum number for making the competition worthwhile for the readers or for the sponsors.

So that is idea is canceled.

At this point I have two options, just drop Blogging Idol 2 for now, or try to launch with another set of rules.

I was thinking something that would let you guys use your existing blogs, be funny, and yet fair. Frankly, it was hard finding the answer. Most types of competition are too easy to cheat, and I can already foresee the bitching that will come along with it.

One idea that I had:

Make the competition based on 4 parameters:

  • RSS increase
  • Technorati authority increase
  • A voting session where readers would vote for their favorite competitor
  • A judge panel (with 3 experts) that would award 3 votes for their favorite competitors

So in total there would be 6 points to be won (3 from the judges, and 3 from each other parameter). After the four weeks, the blogger with the highest number of points would be the Blogging Idol and win the $4,000 in prizes.

Even if someone tries to cheat on one of the parameters, therefore, it would not compromise the competition, and it could even backlash for the cheater because people would talk about it and it would affect the voting from the readers and from the judges.

What do you guys think?

Let me know if you would be participating if we used those rules. If enough people express interest we might end up running it. The $4,000 in prizes are still there after all.

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    @Franklin, I will post about it on Monday.

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