Bloggers Face-Off: David Airey vs. Patrick Altoft


Let’s run another Bloggers Face-Off, shall we?

On this edition we have two very successful bloggers who also run parallel businesses. As you probably know a blog can work as an efficient tool to promote and generate leads to your company, and these guys illustrate the case.

David Airey is one of the best logo designers on the web, and he shares his tips related to graphic design and online marketing on his blog. Patrick Altoft, on the other hand, is the director of an SEO consulting firm. BlogStorm is the place where you can find his articles on several SEO related topics.

Don’t forget to bookmark their websites, and now to the interview!

David Airey
Patrick Altoft
1. How long have you been blogging? I started in October 2006, and fumbled about in the dark for a few months until I realised what a blog was Since early 2006. I started as a way to easily add content to my affiliate sites
2. Has it been worth it so far? Without doubt. I’ve made so many great contacts, and it’s been good for business too Totally. Having blog content on affiliate sites makes them much more legitimate in the eyes of Google. Running Blogstorm has allowed me to become quite a well known SEO consultant in a relatively short time
3. How many page views does your blog generate daily? Around 20,000 hits, and 3,500 visits Blogstorm generates a couple of thousand per day on average at present but the traffic varies a lot. In the first 6 months I was on Digg 5 or 6 times and the blog received a lot more traffic
4. Do you make money with it? Yes, but not through the standard advertising route you find on a lot of blogs. I use my site to attract new design clients, so it’s best to keep it clean I don’t make any money directly with Blogstorm, in fact we don’t even accept advertising. The blog is purely to promote our SEO services
5. Full posts or excerpts on the homepage? Fishing for a compliment, Daniel? On both my blogs I use your excellent ‘homepage excerpts’ plugin. I show the most recent article in full, with four others as excerpts Definitely excerpts in a magazine style. Real users are used to arriving at corporate or newspaper style sites so if you want to convert these users into readers you can’t have a long scrolling blog page
6. What is the biggest mistake you did along the way? Tough one, because all my mistakes have turned into positives. I’m a firm believer that the fastest way to learn is by getting something wrong. Still, if I was to choose one thing that had the biggest impact, it would definitely be having my domain name stolen whilst on holiday I had one blog that made a huge amount of money for 12 months and then stopped totally. If the site had been sold at it’s peak it would have made 6 figures easily
7. What is the best way to gain RSS subscribers? Write content that people want to read At present I’m using a home grown technique that customizes a message to search visitors. If somebody searches for “seo sins” and clicks on my site they see an advert saying “We are planning a post about seo sins next week so subscribe to the RSS feed”
8. Is it important to have a unique design? Yes. If you can’t afford to hire a designer, or if you like a certain theme that’s available, jump in and customise it yourself. It can be fun, and will definitely help set you apart Totally. Blogs are so easy to set up that you need a unique design to establish your brand and make your site appear legitimate. Even creating a logo can make all the difference
9. Do you care for Pagerank or Alexa? Not as much as I used to. There are articles on my blog about such things, written when I had more time on my hands. Ultimately, if you spend time on your content, your search rankings will fall into place. Chasing after stats will only take up time you can spend researching a great blog post I am pleased when a site has a PR increase but that’s about it. Alexa is good for comparing similar sites but Compete is much better
10. How many RSS feeds do you track daily? About 100, although I don’t always track them daily. Sometimes I browse my feed reader every few days About 200 at the moment, all related to SEO, tech news or internet marketing in some way
11. What is the funniest blog on the web? No idea, although maybe I’d be better at telling jokes if I subscribed to one I don’t really read comedy blogs
12. What is the secret of your success, expressed in one word? Positivity Practice

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21 Responses to “Bloggers Face-Off: David Airey vs. Patrick Altoft”

  • Gemma

    Interesting comparisons. πŸ™‚

  • Bhavesh

    Great Post Daniel

    I thinks it would be better if you publish Country and Location of every bloggers whom your compare.

    After getting huge information of bloggers, compare Country Vs. Country.
    It will be more interesting and its new idea.

  • cayumi

    Thanks for this info.

  • Patrick Altoft

    Hi everyone, thanks for the interview. Much appreciated.

    The technique in my answer to number 7 could backfire I agree but hopefully the blog offers enough value so that people don’t feel too bad about being “tricked” into subscribing. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel

    Vivien, yeah it is just for fun indeed πŸ™‚ .

  • Jacob Cass

    I would be interested to see what sites you subscribe to David.

  • inspirationbit

    I like your face-off questions and interviewees, Daniel, but don’t quite dig the purpose of the poll – I guess it’s just something for fun, otherwise what really would justify someone to be announced as a winner in this face-off?

    I liked David’s answer that we should concentrate on writing quality content rather than on our blog’s search rankings.

  • cucoalmeria

    Gracias por tu ayuda, estoy buscando un theme que se pueda adaptar al que tengo ahora en el blog, para no hacer muchos cambios.

  • Daniel

    Hola cucoalmeria.

    Desculpa pero non hay ningun lugar donde puedes bajar el theme, es privado.

  • cucoalmeria

    Hola, saludos desde España. Me gustaria saber donde puedo bajarme el theme de tu blog. Me gusta mucho. Thanks.

  • Daniel

    @Sue, yeah that is the drawback of that technique πŸ™‚ .

  • David Airey

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks again for deeming me worthy of inclusion here.

    My vote goes to Patrick.

  • Daniel

    Tejvan, yeah that is quite an interesting idea.

  • Tom Beaton

    I too follow Blogstorm. It is a good read and Patrick clearly knows what he is talking about.

  • Sue @ TameBay

    David wins for me purely because of Patrick’s answer to #7. Unless that “SEO sins” article appeared within the week, I would feel that I had been duped into subscribing to his feed.

  • Tejvan Pettinger

    Both are good bloggers, but, I think it’s an excellent idea of Patrick to give an individual advert to search results.


  • Rajab

    I have been observing Blogstorm since its first day and how Patrick is promoting it. Have to say, he does a good job and knows what he is talking about.

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