Blog Writing Project: 78 Blogging Goals for 2008


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Phew! If you ever had any problems setting goals for your blog I am pretty sure that the list below will help you. Seventy eight people participated in our 2008 Blogging Goals writing project, and among their entries you will find all sorts of goals, goal setting strategies and reasons explaining why you should or shouldn’t set some goals yourself.

Before presenting the entries I would like to thank Brian Gardner for sponsoring the project with three Premium WordPress themes. The three random winners of the Revolution Themes are:

  • Robert from Middle Zone Musings
  • Karthik from dailyApps
  • The guy from My Blog Contest

Below you will find all the entries. A big thank you for the participants; I am pretty sure that you all will reach your goals in 2008!

  1. SMART Blogging Goals 2008
  2. Making Home-made Wine and Beer – 2008 Goals For This Blog
  3. 2008 Plans for Sk8 Dad
  4. Blog Gigs – Blogging Goals For 2008
  5. My Life with IT – Blogging Goals for 2008
  6. Butterfly Media – 2008 Blogging Goals
  7. Scott Andrew Bird – Blog goals 2008
  8. Objetivos do 1001 Gatos para 2008
  9. 2008 Goals For Money and Blogs
  10. Kris Cpec – Blogging Goals for 2008
  11. Win A Revolution Theme
  12. Non Profit Leadership, Innovation and Change – Goals for 2008
  13. 2008 Blogging Goals and The Rewards They Earn
  14. Blogging Notes – Blogging Goals for 2008
  15. The University Blog – Blogging Goals for 2008
  16. #Comments – Goals!
  17. Agile Business Navigator – (Blogging) Goals for 2008
  18. Goals For 2008: (Almost) Every Blogger Has Some
  19. SeanPAune – Blogging Goals For 2008
  20. Amanda – 2008 Blogging Goals
  21. Why I Never Set Blogging Goals
  22. The Genetic Genealogist – My 2008 Blogging Goals
  23. TechLife – 2008 Blogging Goals
  24. ooof – Blogging goals
  25. zParacha – 2008 Blogging goals
  26. Learn How 2 Earn – Blog Goals for 2008
  27. 2008 Blogging Goals Win Premium WordPress Themes
  28. happy 2nd birthday, change therapy!
  29. Not-So Techie Goals Set For 2008
  30. Jake Bouma – Blogging goals for 2008
  31. Paasikoe – 2008 Blogging Goals
  32. Train The Trainer: 2008 Goals
  33. Beyond Behaviors’ Blogging Goals for 2008
  34. Fashion by Jenni – Blogging Goals for 2008
  35. Ledger Pad – Plan For 2008!
  36. A contest! A xontest!
  37. Planet Apex – 8 Blogging Goals for 2008
  38. A Writer’s Words – 2008 Blogging Goals? Plans, maybe …
  39. Romance Tracker’s 2008 blogging goals
  40. Global Warming Hub’s blogging goals for the new year
  41. Setting Your Goals Makes You 200% More Productive
  42. Online Tech Tips blogging goals for 2008
  43. Blog Goals
  44. Inspiration just doesn’t get any better than this
  45. Blog About Your Blog – Blogging Goals for 2008
  46. My 2008 blogging goals for Blog Contest Central
  47. Blogging Goals – Christmas Letters To Santa Claus
  48. Have you thought of your blogging goals for 2008?
  49. Vincent Chow – Blogging Goals For 2008
  50. Writing Nag’s 2008 Blogging Goals
  51. ShawnW – My blogging goals for 2008
  52. The Value of Being Incomplete: What Are Your Goals for 2008?
  53. On Financial Success – Goals for the new year
  54. Madhur Kapoor – Blogging Goals for 2008
  55. Work n Play – 2008 Blogging Goals
  56. What I Wish to Achieve with dailyApps in 2008
  57. Gimme a Dream – My Blogging Goals for 2008
  58. New Year’s Resolutions for
  59. It’s Write Now! – Blogging Resolutions For 2008!
  60. Blogging: Learning The Lessons The Hard Way
  61. Nazjam – My blogging goals for 2008
  62. JobMob 2008 Blogging Goals
  63. What will your blog look like in 2008?
  64. My 2008 Goals For Newest on the Net
  65. MisEntropy – What I want my blog to be…
  66. The Visitor’s Book (2008)
  67. An unplannd future
  68. Good Bye 2007 – Blogging Goals for the New Year
  69. Life in the Internet – Blogging Goals for 2008
  70. Blogging Goals for 2008 – Learn from the Experience!
  71. Techno Money – My Goals for 2008…What Are Yours?
  72. 8 Goals For Inspiration Bit In 2008
  73. Cyber Street Report – 2008 Blogging Goals
  74. Mary Emma – Writing and Blogging Goals for 2008
  75. Gauravonomics – My Three Blogging Goals for 2008
  76. eBiz Parent – 2008 Blogging Goals
  77. Alphablogs – 5 goals for 2008
  78. Daily Blog Tips: 10 Goals for 2008

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22 Responses to “Blog Writing Project: 78 Blogging Goals for 2008”

  • MyBlogContest

    Wow!! Thank you!

    That’s a pretty WordPress Theme I really want.

  • Planet Apex

    My entry is at 36, Oh, why didn’t I write it the day I heard about this project. 🙁

    Anyway, congrat to the winners and thanks awfully Daniel for this great project. Looking forward to joining your future projects too.

    cheers from Sri Lanka

  • Jacob Share

    Congrats to the winners

  • Justin Dupre

    Congrats to the winners.

    I am number 8 up there. Almost completed one of my goals! I just purchased hosting last night, so I should be transfered to wordpress soon! Just wish I would have been able to get that layout!

    Justin Dupre

  • Karthik Kastury

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks a lot for selecting me as a winner. Congrats to Robert and The Guy. I can’t really tell you how happy I am about winning the premium theme. I hope 2008 beats expectations for just about every blogger in the blogosphere..

    Thanks a lot.. once again..

  • Mohsin

    Congrats to the winners!

  • Lipton

    awe didn’t make the list 🙁

    nice list tho…

  • Steve Nguyen

    Thanks again for letting all of us participate. It was nice to share the stage with the others and to read about goals that we all share as well as learn about goals that we didn’t. Thanks again to all who participated and to Daily Blog Tips for hosting it. Happy New Year!

  • Fashion By Jenni

    Congratulations to the three winners! And it was nice to make the list even though I didn’t win.

  • Vikram

    Phew! Made it in the list! I thought I had missed the chance. But came in at number 69. So I wasn’t really late then! 🙂

    Congratulations to Robert, Karthik and “The Guy” for winning the Themes!

    Nice project Daniel! And good luck to all fellow bloggers with their blogging goals!

  • HiTechDad

    Thanks for putting on the contest! I was bummed I didn’t win especially since I was #2!! Good job everyone 78 entries in impressive!

  • Robert Hruzek

    Wow! Seventy-eight, huh? Hmmm… now why do I feel like the one everyone is looking at out of the corner of their eye? 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity, Daniel, to contribute yet another point of view!

    And by the way, if anyone is interested, including yourself, how about dropping by Middle Zone Musings and contributing to yet another end-of-the-year group writing project:

    What I Learned From 2007″

  • Matthew
  • Tailgating Dave

    Thanks for the linkage. Should go a long ways towards achieving those goals. Keep up the good work.

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