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When Collis contacted me four weeks ago regarding the Blog Action Day, I jumped on board straight away (in fact DBT was one of the very first blogs to join it). Now we have just over one month before the event takes place, and it looks like it is achieving critical mass with almost 5,000 participant blogs.

What is the Blog Action Day about? Basically it is a social initiative aiming to get as much bloggers as possible talking about an issue (the first one will be the environment) on the same day, raising both money and awareness. I firmly believe that the Internet and the technologies that are democratizing the access to information will have a profound impact on the socio-economical problems of the world. This initiative goes on that direction.

Apart from the altruistic aspect, however, is the event positive for the blogosphere? Does it affect you as an individual bloggr? Absolutely. First and foremost because it solidifies the position of blogs as a legitimate media. Events of this proportion tend to get more attention from mainstream publications, increasing the number of people that read — and trust — blogs.

How can you participate? There are three ways:

  • post anything that has to do with the environment on October 15th
  • donate part of your earnings to one of the charities involved
  • register up and help to promote the event

What are you waiting for?

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10 Responses to “Blog Action Day”

  • ppedersen

    Blog Action Day! My message to all: “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment”

  • SAG_Geneve

    Merci ! Venez dés à présent vous inscrire à la MAP’MONDE !

  • Coupon Heaven

    I’m very excited about this initiative, and look forward to posting tomorrow. Thanks!

  • Sandra

    I just signed up. I hope Blog Action Day will be a big success!

  • Chip

    Yup, I signed too a while ago, and I’m looking forward for October 15th.

  • thewild1

    that is a pretty cool idea

  • Scoot

    I dunno.

  • Sean

    I seen their website before and did sign up.

    Kinda forgot about it until now…

  • Jamaipanese

    I join a couple weeks ago too ^_^

  • Chester’s Clean House

    I just signed up. This is a great idea and I hope everyone signs up.

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