Blog Action Day: How Bloggers Can Combat Climate Change


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Today is Blog Action Day, and I want to talk about how bloggers can act to combat climate change.

But first things first, what is climate change? It is the change in the average weather around the world. In our specific case the weather is getting hotter (hence why people talk about global warming). This change is partially caused by natural factors (e.g., changes in Earth’s orbit), but the human factor also plays an important role, with the increasing concentration of greenhouses.

Agencies of the European Union estimate that if things don’t change the average temperature around the world might increase as much as 6°C by the end of this century. Why is this bad? Because the sea level will rise, and the frequency of extreme weather events like hurricanes and tsunamis will increase.

“OK,” you might be saying, “but what can I do to combat the climate change?” Here are some ideas:

1. Write About It

The first step to combat any problem is to recognize that we do have a problem. Many people still ignore (deliberately or not) the threats of climate change, and that is why it is important to get as many people as possible discussing about the issue.

The purpose of the Blog Action Day is exactly that: to get bloggers from around the world talking about the same issue on the same day. If we manage to generate enough buzz, the messages will propagate through mainstream media and beyond, reaching the general public.

Make sure to participate and write a post about climate change today.

2. Make Your Home Office Eco-Friendly

There are many hardware changes you can make to reduce your energy consumption. If you are still using a CTR monitor, for instance, you could purchase an LCD, which consumes much less energy.

Secondly, look for energy efficiency labels whenever buying an electronic device. This is particularly important when purchasing light bulbs, as efficient ones will save as much as 80% on energy consumption.

3. Make Your Habits Eco-Friendly

Apart from changing your hardware you can also save energy by changing your habits. Instead of driving everyday to the office, for instance, try to telecommute a couple of days a week.

Secondly, develop the habit of turning your computer and other electronics off whenever you can. Even if you use energy efficient products, they will still consume some power, and over the course of an year it adds up.

Over to the Readers

What about you, are you participating in Blog Action Day? Do you think that climate change poses a big threat to our society?

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29 Responses to “Blog Action Day: How Bloggers Can Combat Climate Change”

  • Mart Gordon

    It seems that a lot of people are having a hard time reconciling the ideas behind tackling climate change due to the argument being centered on the term climate change which is obviously debatable as a problem man has created. This is due to the climate fluctuating naturally often in extreme ways. However, that said would the argument be so contentious if we centered it on lowering our personal impact on the use of resources which are finite and measurable. Plus there is the economic factor that less resource use saves you money.

  • victor ramos

    Lets eat all the red meat we like, smoke the best cigars and be thankful we’re not Chinese.

  • victor ramos

    Lets not forget that China and India are the main polluters and don’t plan to limit same for any time to come. So if you’re wanting to influence ‘Global Warming’, direct your anger at Asia, not America. Its that simple

  • Robert Nagle

    I blog frequently about climate change. I’m not an expert by any means, but I see in a lot of the comments a lot of half-truths and vague information and quick and easy solutions.

    First, instead of spending valuable blog time to rebut well-known half-truths, it’s better to link commenters to the sceptical science’s list of bad arguments .

    Second, remember this strategy of denialists. “I don’t have to be right. I just have to prove you might be wrong.” The denialist has a lot of builtin advantages in the argument.

    Third, remember the precautionary principal (from the UN).: “In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”

  • liz

    Clearly none of your bloggers live in deltas like those in Thailand or Bangladesh. In parts of these people can no longer grow rice because of increased soil salinity, an effect of rising sea-levels. In fact most bloggers (this is my first blog venture) are likely to be living – like me – in a solidly-built dwelling [maybe even with air con and c heating] not be vulnerable to the increasingly frequent extreme climate events affecting my part of the world (southern africa).

  • Ali*

    BTW, I’m impressed that you made this post. Why? Because even though you are a professional blogger, you put this secondary to your concern for the future, and risked alienating some of your readership.

  • Ali*

    Daniel, my blog is all about this.

    The most important thing for everyone to do now is to eat less meat. Or none, for optimal health and climate stability as well.

    Check my recent post on methane:

  • victor ramos

    You gotta’ be kidding with this ‘climate change’ farce. Even if the US cut all CO2 emissions ti wouldn’t make a dent in the world pollution levels.See China, India and S. America as brazen polluters who don’t give a damn about your precious ‘climate change’.

    And BTW, just because a product claims to be ‘green’ doesn’t make it so. The only way to stop polluting is to stop ‘producing’. Period. Trimming around the edges of polluting producers don’t amount to anything statistically meaningful.

    What the Green movement really wants is to return to 1750. Sorry, even the rank and file Democrats aren’t stupid enough to try to do that!

  • Harrison

    Humans contribute 0.117% of CO2 to the atmosphere. Let’s worry about some real problems.

  • Luci Weston

    Done! I offered easy ways to start being green today. A practical approach is the the most effective way to see change from the masses.

  • Debra

    Too bad you took this tact today.
    However, it does serve as a great reminder to tread carefully in the blogoshpere because people can blog about anything whether it’s true or not. Global warming is the biggest hoax since… global cooling.
    And now ‘climate change’…. well, that’s a much safer label isn’t it?
    Geesch, the earth (and it’s climate) has been in a constant state of ‘change’ since it was formed/created.
    Just live responsibly and go with the flow.
    Please keep to what you do best (and actually know something about).

  • Himanshu

    Great post Daniel, I am stunned by the way you went out of the box and wrote an environment awareness post for every bloggers. It will definitely going to work. Cheers!


    yes, your suggestion is good,but how many people would do that personally. I think govenment should play a much important row in this issu.

  • Canada Guy

    Web Marketing Tips, your suggestion is good, and we should all do that, but even if everyone buys more efficient products, it won’t make a dent on the graph of global CO2 levels (see my previous post for details.) We need infrastructure change, which requires the government.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Instead of telling people about global warming if we will tell people how to save money by using energy saving hardware than they will concentrate more and listen carefully.

    One thing which come in this way is the cost of these hardware. For an example LCD monitors are more costly than CRT Monitors … CFL lamp is more costly than normal bulbs. So cost and money involved setting back …

    We have 5 desktops and we have changed all to LCD … we are using CFL lamp.

    But however we should start from our home and from there we should spread this message.

  • Eric C

    I am participating, and thanks for the head up Daniel.

  • Dana@Online Knowledge

    OH, and now already the day. I am not prepare the posting yet. 🙁

  • Yan@Suzhou Travel-Culture Guide

    Very interesting and meaningful event. I’m new to blogging and to be honest, this is my first time to know there is such a day called Blog Action Day. Just a little pity since it seems BAD is only annual held every Oct 15. Maybe every month is too frequent but every season that is 4 times one year will surely bring more chances for bloggers to join.

    I have changed some of my habits to be Eco-friendly and am going to change more, such as try to use handkerchief instead of paper tissue, take public transportation and ride bikes, save water resource…

  • Wayne Delbeke

    Global warming is a net benefit to mankind. Better crops, fewer cold deaths. Climate change is always occurring.

    If you want to do something useful, start worrying about food production, chemical pollution, over fishing, deforestation, destruction of habitat, dumping of plastics and everything else into the ocean where it is killing life; take a look at what the billions being spent on “climate change” could do for health care – AIDS, cancer research, malaria control, hunger, housing for the poor …..

    The temperature varies tens of degrees everyday, every season. Three weeks ago it hit a record of 32 degrees C for a day in September, last week it hit a record of 25 below C for a day in October. That is weather and it doesn’t matter.

    This whole focus on “Climate Change” is causing us to avoid dealing with important issues that could really make a difference.

    The politicians have pulled a real slight of hand blowing this up so they don’t have to deal with real problems. IMHO

  • Laney Landry

    I, too, believe that this is another political scare tactic. However, we all need to do our part to protect mother earth. It’s pretty obvious that all the politicians are interested in is money so it’s up to us.

  • Ivan LeBalnc

    Whether one believes in the Climate Change argument or not; one has to believe in the principle of sustainability and the eventual depletion of oil and other fossil fuels, and the need to find alternative energy sources and lifestyles, or there is no hope for future generations.

  • Steve

    I think everyone can do their part to make the earth greener and less polluted. I applaud the blog action day and everyone that is participating.

  • Steve Mason

    Billions have been spent in Europe and overseas to combat climate change by reducing Co2 emissions, but with little results.
    Carbon Credits are selling for about $.20/ton compared to $7.00/ton last summer. This a scam as well. Tell me, would you buy a piece of paper to say you have lower your carbon footprint.

    The whole green movement scam is nothing but a massive transfer of wealth.

    But, I really enjoy reading your blog and it has been very helpful in writing Chemically Green.

  • Kevin @ The Liberty Handbook


    Global warming and “climate change” are dead in the water. Owl Gore is a punk who uses garbage science to try and destroy Capitalism.

    Man-caused climate change does not exist. Try again next time.

  • reinkefj

    “Climate change”? How have we gone from “Global Cooling” in the 1970’s to “Global Warming” in the 2000’s and end up at “Climate Change” in 2009? Unfortunately, I don’t know if the climate is changing. It has in the past (i.e., Greenland was green). It may in the future. In the cosmic scale, we are a fly on the elephant’s butt. I do know that the same folks who did the “chicken little” on “global cooling” had the same litany of “cures” — higher taxes, more regulations, limitation on freedom. I think that it’s “sensible” to use less of “stuff”; sensible is a synonym for “cost effective”. It’s irrational to think that “I am saving the planet”; it’s smart to cut the electric bill by eliminating wasteful “phantom loads”. I think that bloggers can bring “common sense” to the discussion. We certainly don’t see common sense in the “old media”, politicians, or bureaucrats. Hypocrites abound (e.g., Gore’s carbon footprint; Prince Charles’ jet set life; UN in everything it does). We need to be “smart”!

  • Costa

    I think bloggers are also inadvertently warming up the Earth with their endless hours of blogging.

  • Tim Trice

    Daniel, my apologies as I see now climate change is the chosen topic by BAD09. Nonetheless, I still hope your readers will be cautious and weary about the climate change content they read online. There’s too much junk and almost impossible to sift through the debris.

  • Chanda |

    Hey Daniel, Nice post. Definitely I am charged too. I believe we need to have a mass movement and see that the planet is as green as possible. Great to read this post on Daily blog tips…

  • Tim Trice

    While I have nothing against your suggestions for energy-efficiency, it really bugs me that you would use climate change as an example.

    I recently wrote about why you may never know the truth about global warming. This is because many in the mainstream media don’t understand the facts.

    It is not my position that global warming is not an issue. Nor that climate change is not an issue. But I would strongly urge your community if they are to focus on climate change then to focus on how to be more eco-friendly rather than believing what I perceive as strongly-biased European data. A call to action is one thing. A call to join a side without fair and sufficient knowledge is another.

    I would urge those who wish to debate climate change also reference Watts Up With That?, a site that, for the most part, I tend to agree with. And, no, I am not affiliated with that one.

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