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The sig2feed plugin is a very useful yet not that popular WordPress plugin. It basically allows you to add a custom message to your feed, possibly including a copyright message and a link back to your homepage, to your archives or to any other specific page of your blog.

This feature is very useful because it will discourage sploggers from stealing your feed and it will also increase your page views if people click on the link you will place on the footer of your feed. There are other plugins out there providing the customization of the feed (check Better Feed for instance) but sig2feed was the most user-friendly I could find, check it out.

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16 Responses to “Best WordPress Plugins: sig2feed”

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Scott, try googling “related entries plugin”

  • Scott

    Also, Anyone got any good ‘Related Posts’ Plugins? I’ve been looking for one for a while.


  • Hilton

    Excellent. I found that I had downloaded it but never actually used it as I didn’t really know the value of it. It’s good to get knowledgeable feedback.

    Thank you. Have now installed the plugin on my site!

  • Ajay D’Souza

    Another similar plugin is Angsuman’s Feed copyrighter. Have been using this for quite a while now.

  • Daniel

    no problems man, you did a good job with the plugin

  • Brendan

    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

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