Avoid tricks when placing ads


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When placing ads on your site do not try to trick the reader. By trick I mean any technique that will deceive the reader into thinking that a link or image is not an advertising when it actually is.

Examples of such tactics include making Adsense unit links look like a navigation bar or text link ads that are placed under a “Recommended Links” header. While those techniques might increase your profits on the short run over the long term they will damage your readership base since a deceived visitor will probably be reluctant to return to your site.

If you are providing quality content with non-intrusive and relevant ads there is no need to trick people. Readers will click on advertisings if they find it interesting or useful, and they will do it consciously which is a good thing both for you and for the advertiser.

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12 Responses to “Avoid tricks when placing ads”

  • Daniel

    Thilak, its on the to-do list already! I will write about it as soon as possible and I have some useful stuff to say on that topic.

  • Thilak

    I will agree with you. I really like the way you monetized this blog. No Ads, just simple sponsored boxes. Honestly, as a reader, I won’t mind you placing those ads.

    Maybe, you need to write a post on how you manged to trickle direct advertisements

  • marcel

    Not all markets like to click. The tech market especially.

  • Daniel

    Mike, yeah Adsense consider those techniques illegal. There are several others, though, that are legal according the TOS and still deceive the reader. For example placing the Adsense link unit on the place of the navigation bar. The clueless visitor usually clicks there thinking that its an internal link of the blog.

  • Mike Rothermel

    I believe it’s also illegal to attempt to trick someone into clicking an ad, by telling them to click on it, promising to reward them, putting arrows or other things bringing attention to the ad, or doing the “reccomended links” lie.

    Yeah, I read through the Adsense TOS recently. Haha.

  • Ashish Mohta

    I think you need to balance out and see from where your traffic is coming.If you keep your content part clear ( i.e no ads in between posts) and your content is good reader if is educated about what your blog is will subscribe and become your regular reader.

    1.Educated readers know what is a blog, they know what are ads (ads by google on every adsense block can tell them that.)

    2.Readers who suffer from Site blindness, I still remember when i didn’t knew about what is a site and what are blogs, every thing used to look same to me.I didn’t knew the difference between ad links and normal links.So if you consider these kind of readers who come from search engine just for information are the major money generator for your blog or site.I don’t think they care wether its a add or not.They just want clear info and not messed up site.Chances are they will not return to your blog that often, if they are coming from site.

    You can say they are like travelers which came, read, may be clicked a couple of links and left.

    Thats one theory I have seen working.Think being a internet user who knows just to surf and use search engines

  • Scott

    BesZ take the money 🙂

    You are probably right, ultimately your site is a personal expression and compromising that will play on your mind and is not productive for you.

    That being said plenty of big bloggers do exactly this and make lots of money doing it – but obviously money is their motivation and them espousing their own morals and virtues is delusionary rubbish – but they get away with it.

  • Daniel

    That is a hard decision to take Bes, but I think you are doing the right choice and on the end your integrity will pay off.

  • Bes Z

    I have an offer on the table from an advertising company that will pay me at least $400 for around 3 text links [much like TLA] if I do 3 things:

    1 : I do not put any “Sponsors” or “Advertisors” text before or around those ads.

    2 : I never mention who my advertising company is, or which links belong to my sponsors.

    2 : I blend the links into my site so that the users think I am simply recommending those sites because I personally found them useful.

    What will I do? I will not advertise with that company, because I think following their requirements results in tricking the users. I prefer transparency in having disclosures.

  • donald

    Very true… while not a blog, I no longer visit cssplay for this very reason.

  • Daniel

    That is a good question Mike, I think it depends on the type of visitors you have. For instance if most of your traffic is repeat readers then making the Ads stand out or change color once in a while is a good measure to prevent ad blindness.

  • Mike Panic

    If a site has good content, quality adsense ads should come up, if the ads are placed where a viewers eye will go, the webmaster should do fine.

    I’m still not sure which works better, blending ads into a site or making them stand out – nearly 3 years of running adsense and it’s still a mystery to me.

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