April Roundup


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It was a pretty good month for Daily Blog Tips. The blog was featured on the front page of Digg once, and the traffic increased almost 30% compared to March. Below you will find the most popular posts of April 2007, check them out if you missed any:

  • Blogging Mistakes Project: This is the final list of entries for the blog project “Blogging Mistakes”. We had 48 blogs participating on the project, hopefully we will learn from those mistakes and avoid them on the future. I was thinking that people would mention the same blogging mistakes over and over again, but that was not the case so make sure to check all the entries!
  • Use Post Excerpts Everywhere: In order to make sure that you are not incurring any penalty for duplicated content you should make all those pages display only post excerpts instead of full posts. You could even display post excerpts on the Homepage, but make sure your readers would be fine with that first.
  • Bloggers Face-Off: Jeremy Wright vs. Nandini Maheshwari: Ever considered joining a blog network? Well, then you will probably like this edition of the Bloggers Face-Off. Those bloggers created two of the biggest blog networks on the Internet.
  • 6 Ways to Speed Up Your Site: The load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most Internet users will just skip a site altogether if it fails to load within a couple of seconds. Below you will find the summary of the “Speed Up Your Site” series. Those are simple yet effective ways to make sure that your website is running fast.
  • Blog Optimization: Manta SEO Blog: Welcome to the first edition of the Blog Optimization project. As I explained on the first post the goal of this project is to optimize blogs that have potential but are not capitalizing it, either because the design is not working, because the SEO is not there or because the overall strategy needs to be tweaked.
  • Develop your IM Network: Having a network of contacts and friends over Instant Messaging software is essential. Sometimes you might need someone to check a feature on your website, other times you might need a tip to solve a technical problem. In those situations it is always a good idea to have someone that you can chat in real time.
  • Daily Blog Tips Theme Released: Daily Blog Tips was redesigned recently and I decided to release the old version of the theme since many people were asking it. The theme is very clean, letting the readers focus on the content. It displays the RSS feed icons both on the header and at the bottom of individual posts.
  • 3 Things Best Bloggers Do That You Don’t: The dream of every blogger is to achieve such popularity. I am no exception so I decided to do a little research looking for the key to their success, i.e. what characteristics differentiate them from the average blogger and how we can emulate them in order to become better bloggers ourselves.
  • 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid: There are several lists of web design mistakes around the Internet. Most of them, however, are the “Most common” or “Top 10” mistakes. Every time I crossed one of those lists I would think to myself: “Come on, there must be more than 10 mistakes…”. Then I decided to write down all the web design mistakes that would come into my head; within half an hour I had over thirty of them listed. Afterwards I did some research around the web and the list grew to 43 points.

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