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I confess I used to do that mistake, after writing a certain post I would proofread quickly and hit the publish button straight way, only to discover seconds later a couple of errors and misaligned pictures… and by the time some readers had already received the messed post through the RSS feed.

The preview is a simple yet valuable feature, when you get the chance to read the post on a different context, that is on the preview image as opposed to the text editor, you free your mind from certain blind spots and recognize errors more easily. It also gives you a better idea of the overall layout of the post.

Summing up, the next time you finish writing a post on the text editor HIT THE PREVIEW button!

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13 Responses to “Always preview before publishing”

  • Daily Good Tips

    Yes..preview can make readers know what’s the topic of article or the goal of article

  • Bang Kritikus

    I always preview for each posting, if disturb i will edit or delete my posting

  • Mitchell


  • Phillip


  • Noelle


  • Dean

    Thank you very much.

  • Kathleen


  • ghay rdnb

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  • mike18 iulk

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  • Markk

    Oops! There I go again, jumping the gun!

  • Markk

    Yeah, I used to hit the Publish button too fast. And each time, have to go back to clean up and re-publish. Now learning the habit of previewing first. Like they say “Don’t the gun!”

  • Daniel

    mistakes are OK depending on the topic you write, if you write about your life and experiences for instance a couple of mistakes will add a “personal” touch to the posts.

  • Fanatyk

    I’m always use preview – it doesn’t disturb me in making some mistakes anyway :]
    But it’s truth – UTP*!

    * – Use The Preview 😉

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