Advertising on the Web Will Have to Evolve into a Conversation


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BusinessWeek has an article on how the evolution of advertising into a conversation with the consumer could go a long way into ensuring that consumers are involved into the marketing process.

With regard to online advertising, a conversation makes a lot more sense. Traditional forms of advertising have been about controlling the message, and this form of passive (with respect to the consumer) advertising has only passed for annoyance to the consumer.

The conversation model makes more sense in an age when the consumer more than ever is taking control of his surrounding environment. The technology to track online transactions and usage behavior makes it possible for advertisers to interact with the consumer at the micro levels. For example, the success of a new brand could be adjudged by merely placing a poll in a widget on the profile of consumers who have elicited an interest in the product.

Since the very goal of advertising is to bring to the notice of the consumers the products that they would most need, online advertising holds the key to bringing such precise methods to fruition. And this presents a bright future for online advertising, provided that marketers can see the real benefits to making consumers an active member of the whole advertising process.

What is the message for bloggers and web publishers? Well, if you are already fostering conversations, you are probably on the right track. Additionally, as companies start exploring this new territory new business models and advertising strategies will emerge, so keep your radar on for these opportunities.

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4 Responses to “Advertising on the Web Will Have to Evolve into a Conversation”

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Daniel
    New forms and methods of advertising surely go hand in hand with the web.
    No more Yellow Pages or large add in the local newspaper. Now advertising is 24 / 7 on your website or blog.

    The idea of the advertising process being a conversation is new to me, but it all makes sense.

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