56 Internet Goals To Get You Inspired for a Great 2009


A couple of weeks ago I asked our readers what were their Internet related goals for 2009. Below you will find what 56 of them replied. Notice that I only published a small excerpt of the goals of each one, and you can click on their names to visit their blogs and read the full post with their goals.


I am sure you will find some nice goals to get you inspired for the new year, and perhaps even find some fellow bloggers to partner with and work together to achieve those goals.

1. N-Speaks:

1. Cross 350 RSS subscriber mark.
2. Write atleast 5 posts a week
3. Write atleast 3 good quality posts a week out of above 5

2. Crane Factory:

Goal 1 – Increase paid blogging income

I got a taste this year for paid blogging and it has so far worked out well. It certainly isn’t “pro blogger” money but it means I don’t need to dip into the household budget to fund things like hosting fees, publishing setup costs, or development costs such as premium themes.

3. JaledWith:

1. Two posts per week (a minimum of 104 next year)
2. Forty total RSS subscribers (current total: 20)
3. Add an original video at least once each month

4. Making Home Made Wine and Beer:

Stop chasing social media – 80% of visitors come from search engines and another 17% come from links and blogrolls.

5. MyLifeCEO:

1. To increase my readership (no limits to this)
2. To increase my ‘Property Product’ sales
3. To somehow upload my son’s “Thomas the Tank Engine” video clip to You Tube

6. JARD:

1. to launch my 1st e-book
2. to get more bookings from my two travel sites
3. to get more advertising/sponsors for my sites.

7. CashSeeker:

1. stop procrastinating
2. write an article at least once week and submit
3. create a new blog once a month( niches)

8. Hardware Revolution:

Reach 1,000,000 pageviews monthly. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m absolutely out of my mind here. Well, I am aiming high, that is true. I do believe that it is a reachable number, if we work together toward it! We? That’s right. While I will do my best to deliver valuable content, I will need you to help me spread the news and help me by sharing this to your friends, family and contacts that you have on social networks!

9. Ibrahim Cesar:

Acho que é uma média atingível. Minha rotina vai mudar um bocado e vou ter menos tempo ainda para postar mas acredito que possa atingí-lo. Tenho algumas idéias para postagens, série de postagens, etc. O que têm me faltado ultimamente é motivação.

10. TechZoomin:

You must have got what would be my intention by this time! Yes,First we need to set some goals if you want to succeed some where.Ofcourse i know one more quotation “Setting goals is easy,But achieving shows the difficulty” 🙂 Even though nothing we loose by setting and trying to achieve them.So,Here are my goals/dreams for the coming year.

11. LGR:

1. Posting more regularly, hopefully on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. If possible increasing posting frequency to five days a week.
2. Increasing RSS subscribers in the LGR Internet Solutions blog to 500 or more.
3. Diversifying my online income so it is more dependable and less reliant on one or two sources.

12. Slavi:

1. Read 7 good books on algorithms and best software development practices
2. Start learning Java
3. Write 5 articles / week

13. Essential Blog:

作为一个职业博客的追求者,写博客却没有经济收入那是活受罪。但是我对精品博客的盈利相当的失望,虽然我爱水煮鱼曾创造了一个月收入1000美金的历史,但是精博的 Google AdSense 收入还是不足10美元,并且没有其他收入æ¥æºã€‚所以,2009年精博将会继续探索博客的盈利之道,争取平å‡æ¯å¤© Google AdSense 能有1美元的收入,但是精品博客的 RSS Feed 里é¢ä¸ä¼šæŠ•æ”¾ Google AdSense 广告。

14. Yield to Pedestrian :

1) I want to complete landing pages for all four of my main websites

2) I want to install on all four sites a four-part graphic widget that links to the landing page, the best posts, the funniest posts, and the most useful posts

3) I want to put up a better background on http://picsremix.com (suggestions?)

15. MyHou:


16. Devakshor:

1. Increase the frequency of my posts.
2. Start posting at least one original and quality content on my blog every week.
3. Submit articles to EzineArticles, Goarticles, etc and create some Squidoo pages

17. eTechBuzz:

1. Figure out way to be successful in click arbitrage.
2. New designs for few blogs in my blog portfolio. (I manage 3 popular blogs)
3. Post consistency

18. Scribbler:

1. Increase traffic from sources other than Teacher Lingo
2. Get 100 RSS subscribers
3. Blog at least once a week

19. MayUOnline:

1. Daily Unique Hit: 4000
2. Daily Hit: 6000
3. Ad sense Revenue/Day: $10

20. Thursday Bram:

Before the end of January, 2009 I plan to have an ebook to share with all of you. I’ve been working on this particular ebook for a little while, but I need to wrap up some lose ends before I tell you the top secret title. I’m also planning to do a few more series of posts, like the series I did last year on copyright. If you’ve got any ideas for topics, please let me know.

21. Joyful Days:

My goal is that the Joyful Days blog benefits enough people to generate a monthly income of at least $800 a month. Too new to blogging to know how many daily uniques, RSS subscribers etc will give that result. That’s what I have to figure out next year!

22. Rarst :

1. Learn the new tools I found recently (Yahoo Pipes , PostRank , NewsGator , etc) and find some more.
2. Build some bridges of communication to people around, since starting this blog my Internet experience became more social.
3. Learn to drop services, sites and blogs I no longer enjoy sooner instead of sticking with them to the last.

23. Smart Blog Tips:

1. Bring one quality post per day + At least one Important News item from Blogosphere for the visitors
2. Start Video Blogging, bring one weekly Video post for the visitors

24. TechnoTip:

1. Stay focused and consistent.

2. To finish one of my project – Creation of a spirituality based website(will post about it soon).

3. Never to stop thinking of new ways to be online and to make a decent living out of it!

25. Alease Michelle :

1. To increase my readership- those who subscribe to my feed by 50%.

2. To offer more valuable content. Stay to my topics and only write about those topics.

3. To create a separate blog- that I am able to write about other topics of my interest.

26. Hardgainer Transformation;

1. I will post at least 2 posts per week (Tuesday and Thursday)
2. I will maintain better posting consistency
3. I’m going to start Video Blogging!

27. Heat ItFrom:

1) Get at least two friends to start blogging. This means you!!! Even if you keep your blog private (that’s easy to do) or accessible only to your friends and family, it’s just too easy to have a nice site these days. I have a whole different post coming about managing your online reputation. Having your own site is the first step. Grab a domain name for a few bucks a year, and talk to me about hosting. I’m running a friend special right now. 😉

28. Zen Dreams:

1. Make more opensource plugins for WordPress (and get ideas of course)
2. Publish more on Zen-Dreams.com (at least once every two days would be nice)
3. Get more daily visitors (not defined)

29. Island Crisis:

1. Reach over 500 Subscribers – I reached 94 from 8 but lost some during the migration. I guess it was those on the rss readers. It is now at 74.
2. Reach an average of 1000 page views per day by December 2009 – It is currently between 200 to 300 on normal days.
3. Keep a steady average number of 25 posts per month

30. Noo Idea:

提到我自己的 Nooidea.com 我打算还是继续”装傻充愣”下去,必定这个傻博才出生不到2个月,以前的博客写了不少,从MSNçš„space后æ¥åˆ°æ”¹ç‰ˆçš„Live Space,也写过blogger,甚至还申请过Donews,最后写到了比较简单舒服的blogbus,其实都是为了能有个中看的二级域名。。直到域名,空间跌倒白菜价终于舍得出手,关于Nooidea.comçš„æ¥æºå’Œä»‹ç»ï¼Œå¤§å®¶å¯ä»¥çŒ›å‡»ä¸€ä¸‹ä¸¤ä¸ªè¯è¯­ï¼š1.æ¥æº 2.介绍

31. Putting Blogs First:

1. Have a Twitter network of at least 2000 followers (follow me on Twitter)
2. Become highly active on at least ten social media sites (currently about 3)
3. Have an RSS subscriber base of atleast 3000 readers, for this blog as well as for a new one(Listfied)

32. Home With The Kids:

1. Reach 500 RSS subscribers to this blog .
2. Build overall income to $5000/month across all sites. I’ve nudged this one many times in the past. I’d like this to be the year I stabilize it.
3. 5 posts per week per blog for my 2-3 best sites.

33. DutchSchoolKid:

1. Reach 500 visits a day on my blog. I am not sure what to expect, but if I can reach this, it will be good!
2. Reach 25 RSS subscribers. Something which is very low at the moment, I will work on this!
3. Get an income from blogging. It doesn’t have to be big, but it would be nice.

34. DailyApps:

1. Reach 7500 RSS subscribers (currently at 1300+) Didn’t manage to achieve that.. Currently at nearly 3000 subscribers
2. Average 30,000 daily page views (currently at 10,000) Around 20,000 at the moment, so didn’t achieve this as well.
3. Generate $2,000 in monthly revenues (currently at $0). Achieved it earlier in the year, but didn’t quite manage to keep it consistent

35. Daniy:

1. An Alexa rank under 200,000 points for this blog (it’s 1,118,243 points currently)
2. At least 200 subscribers for this blog (for the current time it has zero subscriber *wink*)
3. At least $1,000 monthly revenue from all my internet projects

36. Jen Patton:

Build up my blog subscribers to 500 and my newsletter subscribers to 500. Right now my newsletter subscriber list is growing faster than the blog. I have made some changes in my article resource box to drive more traffic directly to the blog. Some of the goals below will assist me in achieving both subscriber goals.

37. Bloggers Guide:

1. Increase Twitter followers to 500 (2008: about 40)
2. Increase page impressions to 200/day (2008: about 200/month)
3. Increase ad revenue to $5/day (2008: $5/year)

38. Bloggy:

1. To write at least 100 posts
2. Cross 50 RSS subscriber mark.
3. Improve posting quality

39. TechEnglish:

1. Ensure regular SKYPE conversation conferences on technical topics.
2. Involve in these conferences students from English speaking countries.
3. Involve students from English speaking countries in written discussion carrying out on the blog

40. Spreading Joy Corporation:

1. Post consistent articles that will encourage, motivate and remind other about the lasting joy of giving.

2. Focus on the quality of the posts.

3. Reach 700-1000 subscribers – This one scares me. Being so new and learning how to “get the word out” is more difficult than I had imagined.

41. Misentropy:

By the end of next year, I’d like to have the luxury of not needing to set any goals for this blog for the coming year(s). I’d like it to soar, with nary a thought to how high above the ground it is or how far below the sky. To be one with the wind, period.

42. Lx7:

1. The return of the Lx7 – Podcast – Once the studio is renovated and relatively dust free I am DEFINITELY bringing the camera in and shooting more how to videos, and get out to do some event based artist interviews.
2. Issue #3 of Assembler Techno Fanzine – all the articles are already here on the blog, but I haven’t done the magazine / PDF design.
3. More Music Releases – I’ve been working in a mini hardware setup that I’ve enjoyed alot, and once I’ve got the space where I can finalize some of the mixdowns, expect to see those finalized songs released beyond the Humanjava Enterprises page on Last.fm

43. Vanae:

1. To get 1 of my videos featured on YouTube
2. To reach 2,000 RSS subscribers
3. Triple my youTube subscribers to 15,000

44. Normadic Rider:

1. Launch a new blog dedicated to tech tips and trick. I have the domain up and will start posting soon.

2. Reach atleast 200 subscribers for the tech blog.

3. Contribute more guest posts and build up readership on the tech blog.

45. Accurate Auto Advice:

1. Re-design the architecture of the site. It’s difficult to navigate and it doesn’t give people a lot to grab onto.
2. Publish at least 12 videos – that’s only 1 per month, so it really shouldn’t be that hard.
3. Boost daily unique visitors from nil (where it’s at right now despite my best efforts) to 500.

46. Tundra Headquarters:

1. Reach out to more Tundra owners. People really seem to enjoy our “˜Featured Vehicles’ segments, and we’re going to work on boosting the number of trucks we write about.
2. Boost the number of RSS and email subscribers to 500. We’ve worked on posting on a regular basis (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and we’re starting to get pretty darn consistent. The next step is to increase the number of people that read our site regularly, even if it’s just from their inbox or RSS reader.

47. Our New Office:

1. Get more consistent. I’m not blogging often enough, plain and simple. If Sara and I work at it, we can post an entry every day of the week.
2. Expand the focus. Right now, we’re just blogging about our travels”¦but people always ask us what it’s like to work abroad, work at home, etc.

48. Weblist:

1.Reach 2,000 Twitter followers. (Currently 26)
2.Cross the border of Alexa’s 500,000 in Rank. (Currently 10,110,758)
3.Reach 1,000 RSS Readers. (Currently 0)

49. Exploring Binary:

1. Write 64 articles. My articles are technical and generally require a lot of research, and I want them to be accurate so that they will be a resource to search traffic for years to come. My current rate is about one article every 10 days. I’d like to publish one full-length article per week in 2009, plus some shorter articles that take less work.

50. Geek Entrepreneur:

Page Views: 5,000 a month by November 2009
Unique Visitors: 1,000 a month by November 2009
Twitter Followers: 800 by November 2009

51. Let’s Go Amerks:

1. Market and promote the site. Up until now it’s just been a field of dreams, we built it and people came. Need to go well beyond that in 2009.
2. Network, Network, and more networking!
3. Read the book Sports Media: Reporting, Producing, and Planning

52. Daily SEO Blog:

1 – Increase subscriber base to 10,000
2 – Increase average daily post count to 2, increase unique hits at least by double
3 – Get more involved with other projects

53. Amrick:

1. Launch DesignCloud.co.uk
2. Launch IWDJ
3. Re-launch BO

54. Sean P. Aune:

Comments -The number of comments is very sporadic, I would love to see some more sustained conversation going on.

Daily Page Views – Again, I am hoping to increase my average over this year, and though I am still seeing slight growth, it won’t be easy. I will again shoot for a 50% increase, and hope to do this through writing more general appeal posts that result in better search engine traffic.

55. Money Amulet:

1. achieve visit his blog in 2000 people per day
2. the number of subscribers to reach 10,000 people
3. Release PDF book with the best of my blog posts

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  • john laptop battery

    good article. thank you.

  • Aby

    great list…thanks
    this article help me to set up my goals more effective

  • Wesley

    Darn I’m not listed, I knew I was too late so it’s my own fault 🙂

  • The Geek Entrepreneur

    I just wanted to say “Thanks!” for posting my 2009 goals (I’m at #50 if anyone is interested). I really do appreciate it!

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Adam Singer, you figure it out 🙂 .

  • Andrew

    this article give me an inspiration. thank’s………….

  • Aravind Jose T.

    I have this sole aim for 2009.

    Bring Internet into masses.

    Make them realise the fact, that Internet/Web is NOT A HOBBY, It’s the way of living.

  • Ben Moreno

    For my blog for 2009, I would like to get as far as possible on my Navy stories series. I am at the first week of boot camp. I plan to go way into detail, and there is so much that happened in the 4 years I was in.

    I want to at least get over 500 subscribers by December 2009. I am currently at 7.

    I plan to write a few articles on ezine articles to help drive traffic to my blog.

  • Tom – StandOutBlogger.com

    I have spend the last couple of posts talking about goals on my blog, because they are so important. I am so glad to see this many bloggers actually writing down their goals.

  • Adam Singer

    5. MyHou:


    Translation ?

  • Brian @ hardgainer-transformation.com

    Dan you’re the Man!

    The cool thing about this project is now we are all interconnected. We need to hold ourselves responsible this year and provide quality content for our readers.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Not procrastinating is a huge one. Many people have lots of good ideas they just need to get of the couch and do it.

  • Ajith Edassery

    I missed this opportunity but will be soon writing about my SMART objectives sometime soon…

  • Muzi Mohale

    My observation on some of the goals/targets for the new year are way too shallow/a joke.

    – 5,000 page views in a year????????
    – domain names too long ie – makinghomemadewineandbeer.com
    – Only $5 generated in a year????????

    One might point out that in order to make money with blogging, you need to take the craft very serious like any form of business.

    A site with page rank of 1million etc is not up to the game. First step to a successful blog, ensure all the basics are in order.

    If you’re not clued up on the design aspects, outsource all that to a professional, get a professional logo designed…branding is very important.

    Am not an expert, just talking from a very limited experience…I too have loads of adjustments to make in the new year and can declare that come December 2009, I’ll triple the $2600 revenue I obtained in 2008 from google adsense.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Young, no, I guessed it 🙂

  • Donny Gamble

    It is glad to see a lot of people making goals for the new year. Hopefully people will be able to accomplish their goals by working hard and never taking anything for granted.

  • Blog Expert

    Wow! That is a nice list there. As these people are setting goals that can actually be reached.

  • Enduring Wanderlust

    Nothing like a new year. Fresh thoughts, fresh start. I’d like to increase readership and the number of comments per post. Comments show that readers are invested in your work. That’s the reason the work is done. –Gennaro

  • SATISH — Technotip.org

    @Young, Your blog posts are really interesting. I don’t know Chines(I live in India), but read many article in your blog here.

  • Young


    I knew you will show my blog name or domain name in the post, but I naver dreamed that you would show some Chinese Summary, which really made me very surprise, since some other bloggers even do not allowed trackback in chinese to be shown on their blogs.

    By the way, the summary you catched was my favorite sentences, do you know Chinese?

  • Arun Basil Lal

    And I am gonna be there with my site goals for 2010.
    Also I am looking forward for the next blogging idol. I started preparing already.

    Cheers and Happy new year to you too.

  • Ricks

    Great, lots of people with lots of goals – this is a good post to help motivate everyone to achieve their targets!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Arun, yeah maybe next year I will put the deadline as December 31.

    Thanks for the input and best wishes for 2009.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Its ok. I can understand that.
    The real cause was that, my blog is in relatively new, so I have to concentrate on the keyword posts. na..?

    So it would be absured to post sitegoals without any real posts. Also a startup blogger cant post his date with his gf, as John Chow does, can he..?

    Thanks for your concern, I knew I would be out right at the time I posted the link.. 🙂

    I think you should make the deadline a little more closer to year end next time. Thats the time when people really posts such posts.


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Hey Arun Basil, yeah you missed the deadline.

    Many people posted their goals on the comment section, but that was not the way to participate in the project. Here is a quote from the original post:

    “In order to participate you simply need to write a post on your blog or website sharing your Internet goals for 2009. Once you are done writing that post, leave a comment below with the URL of your entry. Readers have until next Wednesday (December 17) to submit their post.”

    Sorry about that.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Phew! I missed the scene, I posted my Goals after the final time i guess. But Daniel, I had posted them on your comments earlier.

    I wsih all 56 above including Daily SEO Blog, ma personal favorite, the very best in 20069


  • Daphne

    Thanks Daniel. I love the way you formatted the post. Usually it’s a pain to read long lists of links but your numbering, coloured links and indented goals made it such a pleasure to breeze through the entire post.

    Your site is awesome for its quality and relevance to bloggers. Since so many have goals to increase visitors, RSS subscribers and income from our blogs, please write more posts on these topics in the coming year. I’m already looking forward to implementing some of your tips!

  • SATISH — Technotip.org

    This post shows the community built around DailyBlogTips. And I am very much happy that, I am one among them.

  • Devakishor

    Now that my goals are up in public, not like any new year resolution, it’ll definitely make me work hard towards achieving it.

    Thanks Daniel for this nice initiative you have taken.

  • Mayooresan

    At last most awaited post!

    I’ve been waiting for this post for dayz 🙂

    I hope this post will be a inspiration and will be a kick off point for bloggers to start their new year with high motivation.

    Thankz to DBT for initiating such group project, I’m proud to be a part of this project.

    HOT TO GO!

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