3 Tactics to Get Comments on Your New Blog


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Reza asks:

When I launched the first post on my blog, there was no one visiting it and, so it was difficult to get comments. Now if people visit my blog and don’t see any comments, they will think it sucks. How do I solve this problem?

This looks like a chicken-egg conundrum huh? When you have a new blog, you won’t get comments because you don’t have visitors. But you will also not get visitors because you have no comments (and thus no social proof).

Luckily for new bloggers this is not a real conundrum, it just looks like one. New visitors will certainly take a look at the number of comments on your blog to gauge its credibility, but this is just one of the factors they will take into consideration.

It is not like visitors will run away as soon as they see “0 Comments” on all your posts. Well, some might, but definitely not the majority.

This means that the average visitor will give you the benefit of the doubt, and he will probably at least check your headlines and click to read one post.

If you have outstanding content, therefore, you should be able to start attracting new readers even with a very low number of comments on the blog, and over time some of these new readers will start commenting, building your social proof.

That being said, it would be easier to attract readers if you could display some social proof from day one. It is hard, but possible. Here are three tactics that you can use for this purpose:

1. Friend and Family. If you want to get some comments on your very first posts, you will inevitably need to tap into your offline network, and usually this will translate into friends and family. Just ask them to visit the blog and to leave a meaningful comment on one of your posts.

2. Blogging Partners. There are probably thousands of bloggers out there who are exactly in your same situation. They are starting a blog and don’t have readers yet to leave comments. Why not approach them and propose a partnership, where you take the time to read and comment on their posts and vice-versa? Apart form building your social proof, this will also foster your online network.

3. Killer Articles. If you write a killer article (i.e. an article that is long, structured and that packs a huge amount of value for potential readers) and promote it on social media, you will certainly get some comments, if not dozens of them. This will give you a boost in credibility, and there is always the chance that some of those social media visitors will become loyal readers and start commenting on your other posts too.

What about you, did the low number of comments bothered you when you started blogging? What tactics did you use to solve the problem?

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45 Responses to “3 Tactics to Get Comments on Your New Blog”

  • melisa

    I’m also interested in getting comments on my new blog, but like what VC said, I also care about the quality of the comment–my comment and that of the visitor’s.

    I also want to post quality comments. I mean something that tells you I really read your blog and here’s what I really think about your post. But sometimes, like in photo blogs, I really ran out of words to say in order to tell the bloggers how much I appreciate and admire the photos they posted, so sometimes it’s a bit hard for me to post a sensible comment.

    Thanks for these 3 tips. I’ll see if I could follow at least one. ^^

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Evolution, success is a very subjective thing. For some people it might be a blog with 1,000 readers, to others 100,000 readers, to others yet success can be only measure in monetary terms.

    You need to evaluate what is success to you and try to achieve that.

  • Baldwin

    I agree your points and I will follow your suggestions in my new blog. Thanks a lot.

  • Jamal

    Guys give comments to my site yaar,
    As one of the continuous reader of the dailyblogtips i expect your comments first then only i expect from others i think atleast one can comment me bye bye

  • Robomaster

    Hi guys, if any of you are interested in the idea of a blog alliance, please drop a comment here:

    Leave your ideas please! I think this could really turn into something!

  • Ashok

    Not getting comments on your new blog is a natural phenomenon. Everybody has to evolve over time. If you see the first few posts of any popular blog, you’ll notice that the comments started appearing months after their first posts; in any case, the comments were not regular in the earliest posts. For example, check the first post on the popular TechCrunch, the first comment was after a few months. Today, it gets comments within seconds of posting any article.

    So, the secret is your quality, consistency, and persistence. Keep quality blogging. Visitors will come. Comments will come. Like everything else in life, it is an evolution process.

  • Igor Kheifets-IgorHelpsYouSucceed

    I just focused on the content, when I was bringing my blog to life. I figured, if my content will be top notch, someone will comment sooner or later… And I was right 🙂


  • Zhu

    I have always found that the best way to get feedback or comments was to comment on other people’s blog.

    Now, I’m not saying spamming: most blog owner are well aware that when you just say “great work”, you just didn’t read the article and don’t care about it — you just want some comments.

    The key is to comments on article you truly like, and say something meaningful.

    Yes, it’s hard work. That’s what blogging is 😉

  • Jaydip Parikh

    If your blog is new then you can offer commentluv kind of plugin which keep highligting your last post as well as you will get dofollow backlink. I think this will works.

  • JayCruz

    “Visitors that take a look at the number of comments on your blog to gauge its credibility”, are best not to have them as readers, unless your goal is to be the next Techcrunch or Gawker.

  • Robomaster
  • V.C

    I don’t care about how many comment which I receive
    I just care about how the quality of comment is.
    Some guy just visit my blog and write some crap such as “I love your post”, “very interesting”. Haha… very interesting…. that sucks.
    Just write your blog and try to write something interesting, people will come and comment.

  • Evolution Of Wealth

    Just to show you that I read and enjoyed your article I figured I’d better comment. I do have a question though too. Are there certain checkpoints or levels that help determine how your blog is doing? What I mean is how do you measure the success of your blog? Is it 1000 readers per day, month, etc.

  • Harrison

    Just keep working at your blog, keep writing great articles, use humor to draw people out, and don’t forget the golden rule I learned on this site… if you want something ask for it! Ask for comments, put social networking links below and ask people to share your article with their friends in the hopes that some of them might visit and comment. Also the biggest thing is to join a blogger group like EntreCard where other bloggers visit your site and you visit theirs… being in the same situation they will comment and some of them will become regular readers and vice versa!

  • Steve

    Sometimes I comment on my own blogs especially when someone else wrote the article. Have to get things started somehow.

  • Blake @ Props Blog

    Another thing you can do it write a few “fake” comments under a different user name. No one other than you will know you made the comment, and it will get rid of that notorious goose egg.

    I’ve found comments from follow bloggers is really effective too!

  • K. Praslowicz

    I see sites in my niche with 0 comment posts as fertile ground to help build blogging friends and partners.

    I figure if they are small and looking for some attention, then they are more prone to being flattered that someone finally commented on their writing, and will take a deeper look at who I am, and what my site is like, and interact with it. I feel with the larger sites, the owner’s can’t give as much attention to each person who interacts just due to the larger volume of people actively participating with their site, so a deeper relationship between their site & mine is harder to achieve.

  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    Thanks Daniel for this fantastic post. Another great way to increase comment is leaving comment on others’ blogs. I think this is the best way to increase the number of comments you get on your blogs. This method worked for a [private] blog of mine where I started getting comments immediately after publishing posts.

    For number 2, I think there are a couple of readers of this blog who might be interested in being a blogging partner. I talked with Robomaster about this. We can build a community of us which will help each of us improve our blog’s comment number, promotions, social traffic, etc. If there is anybody out there who is interested in building a blogger’s community, contact me at aminulislam333[at]gmail.com. I’m interested to discuss about it further.

    @Eric, look for blogs on the same niche. Post comments on their posts. Be personal while writing comments. This way you can find blogging partners.

  • Karen, quthor of “My Funny Dad, Harry”

    When I first started I would watch who visited me with that widget that shows who is visiting and go visit their blogs to see if I could comment on anything there. It seemed to work. I think by leaving comments on other’s blogs invariably will bring them to at least visit your blog back and possibly comment. Personally, by finding blogs with less comments, it’s more likely they will have the time to visit your blog and may appreciate your comment more too than a blog which already gets 25-50 comments per post.

  • Eric C

    Where do you find blogging partners?

  • Mike CJ

    The other option is to seek out other bloggers in a similar niche who are at about the same level, and have a commenting agreement with them. Find three or four and just all agree that you will comment on each other’s posts until you are more established. It worked for me.

  • mmSeason

    Making it explicit in the blogpost – inviting people to comment – surely works? Just as it works actively asking people to retweet, as you recently said.

    When i was completely new to it, though, i hadn’t found all these blogging-advice blogs(!) and just went about commenting on other blogs. I found them by searching on the topics that interested me, especially the topic i’d just blogged about. Some of those bloggers came back and commented on my blog, and it snowballs from there.

    Have to say i’m still not getting a huge conversation – YET – but then, my ambition is only to build slowly n surely, not rocket skywards.

  • Dave Doolin

    Blogging partners really help. I’m partnering with a friend of mine for just this reason.

    It’s cooler then it sounds, because you get to know a different side of people through both their blog posts and their comments. I totally recommend this to anyone.

    Killer posts isn’t enough though. I have many top page of Google posts with no comments (e.g., “wordpress benefits”). I won’t stop writing such posts, they are necessary, but not sufficient.

  • LetUpdate

    Just comment in blog that as newbie as you are, and it will surely increase your blog comments. 😀

  • Gary

    This is a problem all start up blogs experience. Without having any comments some people think it’s not a good blog. The only way to beat this is to keep on producing good content and keep on heavily promoting your blog.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Robomaster, not sure if there is a lot more to be covered on this topic. The number of comments is influenced by the size of your traffic and by the engagement of your community.

    I already about that here:

  • Daniel Scocco

    @GetBrowser, I cover that on my free ebook, check it out.

  • Robomaster
  • Robomaster

    When I started one of my blogs, this was one of the major problems. It was a feedback loop – no comments on the site, so I don’t get any comments. Whenever I did get a comment, it wasn’t enough to get any conversation started. I think the tips above are great, but I wish there was a better way. I predict a killer article on this topic? 😉

  • GetBrowser

    Killer Articles? But how to write killer posts for readers? It is a problem.

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