10 Productive Ways to Live a Simple Life with Technology


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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and life is getting complicated because it is intruding into our private life. How do you harness the power of technology to make your life simple yet effective? Here are the tips:

Use a simple mobile phone: The primary function of a mobile phone is to communicate and send messages instantly. You do not need a smart phone, with many other features, which is expensive. It is a waste of time to do other things like gaming or surfing on the Net.

Less tweeting about your personal life: Tweet about issues of emergency only. Stop tweeting about your holiday plan or other personal issues. Don’t ask for trouble by inviting burglars to enter your house when you are not around.

Send fewer messages on Facebook: This is to avoid telling the wrong things or sending the wrong signals to others. The same rule applies: keep your privacy private.

Internet phone: Use Skype because it is free to talk over the internet. You do not need a webcam because you do not want strangers to watch over your home round the clock and invade your privacy.

Less TV: View TV selectively and sparingly. The less you watch, the more precious time you will have to interact with family members.

Less PC gaming: Online games are getting more and more real and sophisticated. Do not get addicted. Be wise and spend more time on reading to enrich your mind and be more knowledgeable.

Less online connection: Going for face to face connection with love ones is more profitable and meaningful than online friendship. There is also a danger that the person that you are following is not what he or she claims to be.

Fewer gadgets: Avoid getting complicated in life. Live a simple life with fewer gadgets. When you want less, you have fewer commitments and there will be less debt and more peace of mind.
Less surfing indoor: When you are free, spend more time outdoor and get fresh air and sunshine and be healthy. Glue to the monitor all day long is bad for your health.

Google Alerts: Go to Google Alerts and enter your name. Whenever your name is mentioned in the blogosphere you will be alerted as it happens, daily or weekly through an email. This is an easy and effective way to find out what others are talking about you and to protect your reputation on the Net.

Take advantage of technology but live a simple and effective life.

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12 Responses to “10 Productive Ways to Live a Simple Life with Technology”

  • Marine

    I think in this era we really have to keep an eye on how many gadgets we are using. I wholeheartedly agree with your article.

  • Mark

    LOL, you hit a nerve or two with some here.

    I understand what you’re saying. Less is more, that simple.

    I have always disliked smart phones. Being a programmer, I’m tired of people telling me that I should write apps and make millions for them. Yeah right, millions. The platform is horrible for any real use. Tiny little screen, poking and sliding your finger around, etc. What a waste of time. I have a Netbook that is small enough and very capable. Phones are good for talking and short texts, nothing else.

    Not a big fan of Skype. I’ve never had a conversation on it that wasn’t garbled due to a connection problem at some point.

    Thanks for the post. Something to think about.

  • Louise Mandar

    Hi Chua,
    This is a great post. I practice some of this already.

    Anyone following these tips though will have to be prepared to being criticized for not being plugged in! You should see my old cell phone. My kids are embarrassed to use it. You can text but you have to shift and alt. Too complicated, so I don’t for the exact reason that I don’t want to be in communication 24/7.

    As for Facebook, only use it for personal use. For the same reason.


  • Christopher Knopick

    You’ve written a very interesting post but while I agree that many of us need more focus in our personal and professional lives (was that your point?) I don’t think that the elimination of technology is the answer. Understanding what you need and finding the tools that will help you specifically, and then ridding yourself of the other tech clutter is the answer here. I’d be interested in your thoughts Chua.

  • jorge jacobo

    I love this post

    And to the second comment Juan Gaspar de alba, I don’t think you read it right.

    This blog is is the bomb!

  • Rohit Sharma

    The points are ordinary but may play an extraordinary role in ones creativity! Yea, life has to be simple yet effective, in today’s scenario multiprocessing of human brain has reduced its creative scope.

  • Phanindra

    Hi Chua,

    You have made some good points, but still what I felt is each and every one has their own priorities. The points which you have mentioned will be in broader category and might appeal to some people and might not appeal to others. Overall these are valid points for a simple life with technology 🙂

  • Dionne White


  • Lionel Bachmann

    I love this post. Smart phones have done nothing but make people less smart and unproductive. Too many people are busy having virtual social lives that their real social lives suck. You try to have a conversation with them, and they are busy staring at the phone in virtual la-la land. And there’s nothing good on TV, it’s all remakes of old shows anyway.

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for this post! I’m sick of people telling me a smart phone will make my life easier. Between work and blogging and writing, I spend 10 or more hours per day staring at a computer screen. I don’t need a mini computer screen to “tide me over” in between. I mean, smell the roses, for heaven’s sake!

  • Juan Gaspar de Alba

    I don’t care whether this gets published or not. My message is to the admins of this blog.

    This is the worst blog entrie I HAVE EVER READ! Do you think you are being read by 70 year olds?

    Don’t get a Smartphone? Don’t send facebook messages becaue others might get the wrong idea??

    This is read by bloggers… bloggers that want to be better bloggers… not people who want advice from their great-grand-father!

    I follow your feed on my Google Reader… this is STRIKE ONE

  • Tom

    Great tips. Another one to add is make certain facts private like your phone number and date of birth.

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